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The following courses are offered at Valley High School for DMACC college credit. The courses are taught by Valley High School instructors certified by DMACC. Through a partnership with Valley and DMACC, the cost of the course is covered by the high school at no charge to the student.

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High School Course DMACC Course # DMACC Course Name Credits DMACC Credit Offered
Workforce Development Skills Loading...ADM936 Occupational Experience 3  
Collaborative Field Experience Loading...ADM936 Occupational Experience 3  
Fashion Analysis & Design Loading...APP109 Fashion Analysis & Design 3  
Textiles Construction II Loading...APP255 Intro to Garment Construction 3  
Design Studio Loading...APP261 Fashion Industry Analysis 3  
Design Studio Loading...MKT160 Principles of Retailing 3  
Drawing Applications Loading...ART133 Drawing 3  
Painting Applications Loading...ART143 Painting 3  
Ceramics Applications Loading...ART173 Ceramics 3  
Ceramics Applications II Loading...ART174 Ceramics II 3  
Photo I-Principles of Photography Loading...ART184 Principles of Photography 3  
Photo II - Principles of Digital Photography Loading...ART186 Principles of Digital Photography 3  
Keyboarding & Word Loading...BCA110 Introduction to Word 1  
Computer Applications I Loading...BCA212 Intro to Comp Business Apps 3  
AP Biology Loading...BIO112 General Biology I 4 Fall
AP Biology Loading...BIO113 General Biology II 4 Spring
AP Chemistry Loading...CHM165 General/Inorg Chem I 4 Fall
AP Chemistry Loading...CHM175 General/Inorg Chem II 4 Spring
AP Computer Science Principles Loading...CIS450 PLTW Computer Science Principles 3 Spring
AP Computer Science A Loading...CIS451 PLTW-Comp Sci Applications 3 Spring
Child Development Loading...ECE130 Emergency Care 1 Spring
Child Development Loading...ECE170 Child Growth & Development 3 Spring
Introduction to Education Loading...EDU210 Foundations of Education 3 Fall
Education Practicum Loading...EDU218 Initial Field Experience 2 Spring
Intro to Engineering Design Loading...EGT400 PLTW-Intro to Engr Design 3 Spring
Principles of Engineering Loading...EGT410 PLTW-Principles of Engineering 3 Spring
Manufacturing and Robotics Loading...EGT450 Computer Integrated Manuf 3 Spring
Civil Engineering and Architecture Loading...EGT460 PLTW-Civil Engr/Architecture 3 Spring
Emergency Medical Technician Loading...EMS214 Emergency Medical Technician 6  
AP Language and Composition Loading...ENG105 Composition I 3 Fall
AP Language and Composition Loading...ENG106 Composition II 3 Spring
Advanced Creative Writing Loading...ENG221 Creative Writing 3  
AP Environmental Science Loading...ENV115 Environmental Science 3 Spring
AP Environmental Science Loading...ENV116 Environmental Science Lab 1 Fall
German IV Loading...FLG241 Intermediate German I 4 Fall
German IV Loading...FLG242 Intermediate German II 4 Spring
AP Spanish Loading...FLS241 Intermediate Spanish I 4 Fall
AP Spanish Loading...FLS242 Intermediate Spanish II 4 Spring
AP World History Loading...GLS200 Country Study 3 Fall
AP World History Loading...GLS220 The Middle East & Islam 3 Spring
Culinary Arts Cafe V Loading...HCM100 Sanitation and Safety 2  
Culinary Arts Cafe V Loading...HCM143 Food Prep I 3  
Culinary Arts Cafe V Loading...HCM144 Food Prep I Lab 3  
AP European Studies Loading...HIS110 Western Civ-Ancient to Early Mod 3 Fall
AP European Studies Loading...HIS111 Western Civ-Early Modern to Present 3 Spring
AP U.S. History Loading...HIS151 U.S. History to 1877 3 Fall
AP U.S. History Loading...HIS152 U.S. History Since 1877 3 Spring
Health Occupations Loading...HSC101 Emergency Care 1 Fall
Health Occupations Loading...HSC105 Intro to Health Occupations 1 Spring
Health Occupations Loading...HSC109 Explore Health Career/Bldg Team 3 Spring
Health Occupations Loading...HSC114 Medical Terminology 3 Fall
Health Occupations Loading...HSC172 Basic Nurse Aide 3 Fall
Health Occupations Loading...HSC182 Advanced Nurse Aide 3 Spring
AP Literature and Composition Loading...LIT101 Intro to Literature 3 Fall
AP Literature and Composition Loading...LIT185 Contemporary Literature 3 Spring
Precalculus I Loading...MAT129 Precalculus 5 Spring
AP Statistics Loading...MAT156 AP Statistics 4 Spring
AP Calculus AB Loading...MAT211 Calculus I 5 Spring
AP Calculus BC Loading...MAT217 Calculus II 5 Spring
Marketing and Sales Loading...MKT140 Selling 3 Spring
Video Production Loading...MMS480 Video Production I 3  
AP U.S. Government and Politics Loading...POL111 American National Government 3  
AP Psychology Loading...PSY111 Introduction to Psychology 3  
Advanced Speech Communications Loading...SPC101 Fund of Oral Communication 3  
Personal & Career Exploration Loading...WBL100 Exploring Careers 1  

*Course offerings are subject to change. Please contact your Career Advantage advisor or school counselor for updates and/or questions.
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