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High School CourseDMACC Course #DMACC Course NameCreditsNotes
Survey of the Animal IndustryAGS113Survey of Animal Industry3
Advanced Biology (AP)BIO112General Biology I4
Advanced Biology (AP)BIO113General Biology II4
Anatomy & PhysiologyBIO168Anatomy & Physiology4
Anatomy & PhysiologyBIO173Anatomy & Physiology II4
Construction Trades (Madison Co Career Academy)CON333Materials/Construction Theory5Fall semester
Construction Trades (Madison Co Career AcademyCON334Construction Techniques7Spring semester
Construction Trades (Madison Co Career AcademyCON336Care/Use of Hand/Power Tools1Fall semester
Electrical Construction (Madison Co Career Academy)CON336Care/Use of Hand/Power Tools1
Construction Trades (Madison Co Career AcademyCON337Construction Blueprint Reading1Fall semester
Electrical Construction (Madison Co Career Academy)CON337Construction Blueprint Reading1
Construction Trades (Madison Co Career Academy)CON338Materials Takeoff1Spring semester
Introduction to Engineering DesignEGT400PLTW-Intro to Engineering Design3
PLTW-Principles of EngineeringEGT410PLTW-Principles of Engineering3
PLTW - CIMEGT450PLTW-Computer Integrated Manuf3
Electrical Construction (Madison Co Career Academy)ELT147NEC Residential3
Electrical Construction (Madison Co Career Academy)ELT148NEC Residential Lab3
Electrical Construction (Madison Co Career Academy)ELT303Principles of Electricity3
Composition IENG105Composition I3
Composition IIENG106Composition II3
Spanish VFLS 242Intermediate Spanish II4
Culinary Arts (Madison Co Career Academy)HCM100Sanitation and Safety2Fall semester
Culinary Arts (Madison Co Career Academy)HCM110Baking Lab2Spring semester
Culinary Arts (Madison Co Career Academy)HCM143Food Preparation I3Fall semester
Culinary Arts (Madison Co Career Academy)HCM144Food Preparation I Lab3Fall semester
Culinary Arts (Madison Co Career Academy)HCM152Food Preparation II2Spring semester
Culinary Arts (Madison Co Career Academy)HCM153Food Preparation II Lab2Spring semester
Culinary Arts (Madison Co Career Academy)HCM231Nutrition2Fall semester
Culinary Arts (Madison Co Career Academy)HCM320Introduction to Hospitality Industry2Spring semester
American HistoryHIS153U.S. History Since 18774
Med Term I (Madison Co Career Academy)HSC120Medical Terminology I3
Med Term II (Madison Co Career Academy)HSC121Medical Terminology II3
Certified Nurse Aide (Madison Co Career Academy)HSC172Nurse Aide 75 Hours3
Advanced Nurse Aide (Madison Co Career Academy)HSC182Advanced Nurse Aide3
American LiteratureLIT101Intro to Literature3
Advanced LiteratureLIT185Contemporary Literature3
CalculusMAT211Calculus I5
American GovernmentPOL111American National Government3
Introduction to PsychologyPSY111Introduction to Psychology3
Developmental PsychologyPSY121Developmental Psychology3

*Course offerings are subject to change. Please contact your Career Advantage advisor or school counselor for updates and/or questions.

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