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Gail Zehr, Coordinator 
Office: 515-965-7094
Cell: 515-571-8286

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The following courses are offered at your High School for DMACC college credit. The courses are taught by High School instructors certified by DMACC. Course offerings may vary year-to-year based on school schedule, policy and/or instructor changes. Check school's most current master schedule for more information.

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High School CourseDMACC Course #DMACC Course NameCreditsNotes
College Computer Applications BCA212Intro to Comp Business Apps3Spring
PLTW Into. to EngineeringEGT 400PLTW-Intro to Eng Design3Spring
AP CalculusMAT 211Calculus I5Spring

*Course offerings are subject to change. Please contact your Career Advantage advisor or school counselor for updates and/or questions.

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