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The following courses are offered at Central Campus for DMACC college credit. The courses are taught by Central Campus instructors certified by DMACC. Through a partnership with CC and DMACC, the cost of the course is covered by the high school at no charge to the student.

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High School CourseDMACC Course #DMACC Course NameCreditsDMACC Credit Offered
Advanced Nurse AideHSC 182Advanced Nurse Aide3
Advanced Nurse AideHSC 101Emergency Care1Spring
Animal Science/HorticultureAGS 114Survey of the Animal Industry2
Aquarium Science AGS 222Aquaculture/Aquarium Science I3
Aquarium Science AGS 249Aquaculture/Aquarium Science II3
Auto Technology IMAT 772Applied Math3Spring
Auto Technology IAUT 111Intro to Auto Tech I6Fall
Auto Technology IAUT 112Intro to AutoTech II6Spring
Auto Technology IIAUT 404Basic Suspension & Steering 4Fall
Auto Technology IIAUT 704Auto Heating & AC4Spring
Broadcasting & Film IHUM 120Introduction to Film 3Fall
Broadcasting & Film IHUM 121America in the Movies 3Spring
Broadcasting & Film IIMMS 480Video Production I 3Fall
Broadcasting & Film IIMMS 484Premiere/Video Editing I3Spring
Broadcasting & Film IIIWBL 110Employability Skills 2Fall
Broadcasting & Film IIIWBL 150Job Shadowing1Spring
Business I BUS 148Small Business Management 3Fall/Spring
Career Explorations in HealthCOM 703Communication Skills3Spring
Career Explorations in HealthWBL 150Job Shadowing1Fall/Spring
Carpentry ICON 336Care/Use of Hand/Power Tools 1Fall
Carpentry ICON 337Construction Blueprint Reading1Fall
Carpentry IMAT 772Applied Math 3Spring
College Civil Engineering & ArchitectureEGT 460Civil Engineering & Architecture3Spring
College Civil Engineering & ArchitectureWBL 100Explroing Careers1Fall
College Global Animal Science AGC 420Agricultural Issues3
College Global Animal Science AGA 157Soil Fertility 1Spring
College Global Animal Science AGB 331Entrepreneurship In Agriculture3Spring
College Global Animal Science WBL 150Job Shadowing1Fall
Commercial Photography IART 186Principles of Digital Photography3Fall/Spring
Commercial Photography IART 184Principles of Photography3Fall/Spring
Commercial Photography II ART 225Photoshop for Photography3
Commercial Photography IIART 292Studio Photography3
Criminal JusticeCRJ 100Intro to Criminal Justice3Fall
Criminal Justice ICRJ 141Criminal Investigation3Spring
Culinary Arts IHCM 143Food Prep I3
Culinary Arts IHCM 144Food Prep I Lab3
Culinary Arts IHCM 100Sanitation and Safety2
Culinary Arts ICOM 703Communication Skills3Spring
Culinary Arts IIHCM 110Baking (lab)2Fall
Culinary Arts IIHCM 320Intro to Hospitality Industry2Fall
Culinary Arts IIHCM 152Food Preparation II2Spring
Culinary Arts IIHCM 153Food Preparation II Lab 2Spring
Culinary Arts IIMAT 772Applied Math 3Spring
Culinary Arts IIIHCM 231Nutrition 2Fall
Culinary Arts IIIHCM 240Menu Planning & Design 2Spring
Culinary Arts IIIHCM 510Work Experience 3Spring
Dream to Teach Year 2EDU 210Foundations of Education3Fall
Dream to Teach Year 2EDU 218Initial Field Experience2Spring
Dream to Teach Year 2COM 703Communiciation Skills3Spring
Dream to Teach Year 2WBL 100Emploring Careers1Fall
Dream to Teach Year 2WBL 150Job Shadowing1Spring
EMTEMS 214Emergency Medical Technician 6Fall/Spring
Fashion Design ICOM 703Communication Skills3
Fashion Design IAPP 109Creative Design Foundation3
Fashion Design IAPP 209Textiles3Spring
Fashion Design IIMKT 160Principles of Retailing3
Fashion Design IIAPP 261Fashion Industry Analysis3
Graphic Communications IGRD 403Communication Design I3
Graphic Communications IGRD 459Illustrator3
Graphic Communications IIGRD 301Intro to Desktop Publishing3
Graphic Communications IIGRD 463Photoshop3
Graphic Communications IIGRD 405Typography I3
Intro to FashionAPP 255Intro to Garment Construction3Fall/Spring
Marine Biology BIO 227Marine Biology II4
Marine Biology BIO 225Marine Biology I4
Nurse Aide BasicHSC 172Nurse Aide 75 Hour3
Welding IWEL 228Welding Safety/Health: SENSE11
Welding IWEL 274SMAW I: SENSE13
Welding IWEL 244GMAW Sh Cir Transfer: SENSE13
Welding IMAT 772Applied Math3Spring
Welding IIWEL 233Print Read/Sym Inter: SENSE13Fall
Welding IIWEL 275SMAW II: SENSE13Fall
Welding IIWEL 245GMAW Spray Transfer: SENSE12Spring
Welding IIWEL 251GTAW Carbon Steel: SENSE12Spring

*Course offerings are subject to change. Please contact your Career Advantage advisor or school counselor for updates and/or questions.

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