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The following courses are offered at Central Academy for DMACC college credit. The courses are taught by DMPS instructors certified by DMACC. Through a partnership with DMPS and DMACC, the cost of the course is covered by the high school at no charge to the student.

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High School CourseDMACC Course #DMACC Course NameCreditsDMACC Credit Offered
AP LanguageENG105Composition I3
AP LanguageENG106Composition II3
French IFLF 151Elementary French I5Spring
French IIFLF 152Elementary French II4Spring
French IVFLF 242Intermediate French II4Spring
French IIIFLF241Intermediate French I4Spring
German IFLG141Elementary German I4Spring
German IIFLG142Elementary German II4 Spring
German IIIFLG241Intermediate German I4Spring
German IVFLG242Intermediate German II4Spring
Italian I FLI141Elementary Italian I4Spring
Italian IIFLI142Elementary Italian II4Spring
Italian IIIFLI241Intermediate Italian I4 Spring
Italian IVFLI242Intermediate Italian II4Spring
Japanese I FLJ141Elementary Japanese I4 Spring
Japanese IIFLJ142Elementary Japanese II4 Spring
Japanese IIIFLJ241Intermediate Japanese I4 Spring
Japanese IVFLJ242Intermediate Japanese II4Spring
College Spanish VFLS 241Intermediate Spanish I4Fall
College Spanish VFLS 242Intermediate Spanish II4Spring
Adv Spanish GrammarFLS181Spanish for Heritage Speakers I4Fall
Voces LatinasFLS281Spanish for Heritage Speakers II4Spring
AP WorldGLS200Country Study3Spring
College History of Middle East and IslamGLS220The Middle East and Islam3Spring
College Latin American HistoryGLS230Latin America4Spring
African American HistoryHIS 257African American Studies3Spring
AP EuropeanHIS111Western Civ-Early Mod-Present3
AP US History (APUSH)HIS151US Hisotry to 18773
AP US History (APUSH)HIS152US History Since 18773
AP CapstoneHUM116Encounters in Humanities3Spring
AP CapstoneLIT 209Lit Film Adaption3Fall
AP LiteratureLIT101Intro To Literature3
AP LiteratureLIT185Contemporary Literature3
AP Calculus ABMAT211Calculus I5Spring
AP Calculus BCMAT217Calculus II5Spring

*Course offerings are subject to change. Please contact your Career Advantage advisor or school counselor for updates and/or questions.

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