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The following courses are offered at Ankeny High School for DMACC college credit. The courses are taught by Ankeny instructors certified by DMACC. Through a partnership with Ankeny and DMACC, the cost of the course is covered by the high school at no charge to the student.

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High School CourseDMACC Course #DMACC Course NameCreditsDMACC Credit Offered
AccountingACC111Intro to Accounting3Spring
Principles of Digital PhotographyART186Principles of Digital Photography3Fall
Photoshop for PhotographersART225Photoshop for Photography3Spring
Emerging TechnologiesBCA212Intro to Computer Business Apps3Spring
AP BiologyBIO112General Biology I4Fall
AP BiologyBIO113General Biology II4Spring
EntrepreneurshipBUS148Small Business Management3Fall/Spring
CADD 1CAD119Intro to Comp Aided Drafting3Fall
CADD 2CAD125Intermediate CADD-Mechanical3Spring
Architectural CADDCAD126Intermediate CADD-Arch3Spring
Communication SkillsCOM703Communication Skills3Fall/Spring
Building ConstructionCON333Mat/Construction Theory5Fall/Spring
Building ConstructionCON336Care/Use-Hand/Pwr Tools1Fall/Spring
Building ConstructionCON337Construction Blueprint Reading1Fall/Spring
Teacher AcademyEDU210Foundations of Education3Fall
Internship in EducationEDU218Initial Field Experience2Spring
Intro to Engineering DesignEGT400Intro to Eng Design3Spring
Principles of EngineeringEGT410Principles of Engineering3Spring
AP Language and CompositionENG105Composition I3
AP Language and CompositionENG106Composition II3
Creative WritingENG221Creative Writing3Fall/Spring
French 4FLF241Intermediate French I4Spring
French 5FLF242Intermediate French II4Spring
Spanish 4FLS241Intermediate Spanish I4Spring
Spanish 5FLS242Intermediate Spanish II4Spring
Food Prep IHCM143Food Prep I3Fall/Spring
Food Prep I LabHCM144Food Prep I Lab3Fall/Spring
Intro to FilmHUM120Intro to Film3Fall/Spring
AP LitLIT101Intro. To Literature3Fall
AP LitLIT111American Literature3Spring
AP StatisticsMAT157Statistics3Spring
Calculus ABMAT211Calculus I5Spring
Calculus BCMAT217Calculus II5Spring
Applied MathMAT772Applied Math3Fall/Spring
AP Music TheoryMUS106Music Theory I4
AP Music TheoryMUS107Music Theory II4
Intro SociologySOC110Intro to Sociology3Fall/Spring
Fundamentals of Oral CommunicationSPC101Fundamentals of Oral Comm3Fall/Spring
School-To-Work/MOC Semester IWBL110Employability Skills2Fall
School-To-Work/MOC Semester IIWBL150Job Shadowing1Spring

*Course offerings are subject to change. Please contact your Career Advantage advisor or school counselor for updates and/or questions.

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