3 Opportunities for High School Students

Attention high school students!

You may be eligible for post-secondary education at little or no cost through DMACC Perry VanKirk Center.

What does this look like? ​

1.       Dual enrollment. High school students can save thousands because of the DMACC Perry Center. Dual enrollment – taking college classes while in high school -- provides a head start on earning college credit, exploring different career paths, and gaining hands-on skills for the work force all for FREE.  Classes include anatomy and physiology, business, psychology, sociology, math, composition, and more.

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2.       Career Academy​The Academy offers programs in welding, nursing assistants, auto mechanics, criminal justice, emergency medical technician, applied engineering, and more. They help high school students explore various career fields before graduating so they can make informed decisions about their career path.

3.       Computer Language AcademyPursue a career in the tech industry with a Computer Languages Diploma at DMACC Perry. Earn a 36-credit diploma in a high-demand, high-paying software development field. High school students can contact their counselors to register for classes.​

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DMACC consistently receives high marks for its affordability, flexibility, and forward-thinking programs designed to help Iowa's young people succeed after they leave high school. 

Don't let these 3 great opportunities pass you by!


Eddie Diaz, Director