Why Choose ici®

Why Students are Choosing DMACC Culinary Arts Program

​​Finish your Culinary Arts AAS degree in two years! In DMACC’s Culinary Arts program at the Iowa Culinary Institute​ (ici®), students gain industry-driven, hands-on, practical experience and knowledge.



The program offers a basic and advanced education in nutrition, food safety, menu planning, and preparation of world-class dishes in a variety of cuisines. ici® instructors are top chefs who utilize their academic knowledge, real-world experience and connections to help prepare the next generation of chefs to succeed. Choose the ici®, where you can let your talent shine and create a fulfilling career in the restaurant and hospitality industry!

ici® students have these unique classroom experiences along with traditional culinary courses:

French Chef Exchange: An educational exchange program that brings Chefs from St. Etienne, France to the ici® for French cooking demonstrations. Second-year ici® students can then apply for a scholarship to travel to France and intern in the French Chef’s restaurants.

Gourmet Dinner Series: An excellent classroom experience where students work with unique ingredients to prepare and serve multi-course, international themed dinners to the public.

Bistro: Students in the Bistro classroom have the opportunity to participate in the day-to-day operations of a full-service restaurant, create a menu, and prepare and serve the food to the public.

Annual Foodie Trip: Students have the opportunity to take part in a yearly culinary experiential trip, focusing on a particular U.S. region’s cuisine, restaurants, and food and beverage production facilities.​

Hear why our students chose the DMACC Culinary Arts Program