Chef Ryan Binney

Meet the Staff

Ryan Binney, Chef Instructor​​​​

Ryan began feeling at home in the kitchen as a teenager, learning from his mother how to turn fruits and vegetables from the garden into delicious meals. He found a job early on at Au Bon Pain and got bit by the baking bug. He decided to further his career by attending Johnson and Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island. After completing his Associate Degree in Baking and Pastry Arts he continued on and earned a Bachelor Degree in Foodservice Entrepreneurship.

Armed with a solid foundation Ryan landed a position at Le Meridien Hotel in Boston, Massachusetts, where he worked under French pastry chef Christophe Feyt. His experience at this high-end hotel proved to be invaluable. Next stop, pastry chef at the Armani Café, writing menus and creating upscale plated desserts. Then yet another opportunity presented itself, pastry chef at the Lenox Hotel in Boston. Filling the shoes of well-known pastry chef Lee Napoli, Ryan put his training to work running a pastry kitchen and supplying two restaurants, banquets, and room service.

In 2001, Ryan moved to Des Moines. Switching gears from pastry, he was hired by Troy Trostel. As a saute cook at Trostel’s Greenbriar, Ryan learned the unique southwest style of Chef Trostel. He also worked at the Café in Ames and Sage the Restaurant in Des Moines.

Then a life-long dream came true, owning his own bakery. For ten years, Ryan owned and operated Sweet Binney’s, a retail/wholesale bakery in Clive. After selling the bakery, Ryan was hired full-time at DMACC’s Newton Campus as a Culinary Instructor, after teaching adjunct at the Ankeny Campus for a number of years. Ryan loves teaching and passing on the skills he has learned, especially using fresh fruits and vegetables from the garden to make delicious meals.