Meet with Human Resources

Need to meet with a Human Resources Representative?

Human Resources staff are available by phone, virtual (Teams or Zoom), and in person. Please call our office at 515-964-6301 or directly contact the representative you would like to consult with to schedule a meeting.

Human Resources Staff

Amanda Easton - Executive Director, (515) 964-6256,
Administers the functions of the HR department including personnel, benefits, payroll, professional development, policies & procedures, and collective bargaining.

Beth Andersen - Coordinator, Adjuncts and Personnel, (515) 964-6620,
Review course approvals for adjunct instructors and screen applications for minimum qualifications for regular faculty and staff positions. Coordinate employee performance evaluations.

Laura Butler - Payroll Assistant, 515-965-6035,
Review submitted time reporting and serve as a resource for employee questions about payroll and deductions.

Director of Employee Relations, Personnel Management & HR Projects
Conduct workplace investigations and provide performance management consulting. Consult, advise, and chair the Job Reclassification (Job Evaluation) process.

Carrie Haefner - Compliance Officer, 515-964-6288,
Review college policies, procedures, and collective bargaining agreements to ensure internal consistency and compliance with state and federal laws. Coordinates annual salary increase process and issue contracts/employment agreements. Coordinate compliance training.

Brody Hickle - Payroll Specialist, 515-964-6616,
Responsible for reviewing, verifying, and inputting all data related to adjunct credit and non-credit pay, faculty overload, faculty sabbatical leave, substitute pay, and leave usage of regular staff teaching adjunct classes during the day.

Tresa Wilson-Marier - Recruitment, Hiring, & Onboarding Assistant, 515-964-6479,  
Assist in the employment recruitment and hiring process for regular employees; process employment actions for regular employees. Understand and operate HR databases, applications and software systems.

Lindsay Leonetti - Administrative Assistant 3, 515-964-6301,
Serve as the general receptionist for HR. Assist with questions and process employment actions for adjunct faculty, temporary employees, student and work study students.

Denise Lundberg - Director of Recruitment, Hiring, and Onboarding, 515-965-7341,
Direct the hiring process for all positions and determine starting salaries for regular employees. Conduct Affirmative Action Review.

Tiffany Marlow - Benefits Specialist, 515-964-6258,
Facilitate and process information for employees regarding FMLA, Long Term & Short Term disability​. Coordinate and process Workers’ Compensation claims. Coordinate employee Tuition Waiver and Dependent Child Tuition Remission process.

Gloria Neppl - Benefits Coordinator, 515-964-6372,
Coordinate and manage all benefits for employees. Coordinates insurance plans, leave information and serves as the HIPAA Privacy Officer.

Coordinator, Technology Orientation & Development
Assist departments in developing technology training to support ongoing development for employees. Develop strategies and goals for employee orientation program.

Megan Williams - Director, Payroll, 515-964-6287,
Coordinate the process and balancing of payroll. Coordinate tax administration and compliance of payroll.

Michelle Houseman - Payroll/Benefits Assistant, 515-964-6336,​​​
Review, verify and input data related to credit and non-credit adjunct faculty pay, including Sub Pay, Clinical Pay, Directed Study Pay, Additional Pay, and Adjunct Orientation and Training Pay. Assists Benefits Coordinator with processing all mandatory and voluntary insurance deductions for employees.

Kay Ruggiero - Director Payroll Special Projects, 515-964-9638,
Oversee and manage various special projects related to payroll  in order to improve and streamline payroll processes, systems, and procedures. 

Amee Austin - Director of Organizational Training and Development, 515-964-6248,
Develop, lead, and manage a comprehensive employee training and development program for all employees and serve as the designated College learning and development expert.