Benefit Information

​​​​​If you are newly hired or interested in working at DMACC, you can open the following document to view a condensed listing of the benefits DMACC has to offer: DMACC Benefit Summary.

If you are a current DMACC employee, you can click on the following link to access your Benefits Guide:

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) for DMACC employees:

Employee Connect Services

If you have questions regarding your current DMACC benefits please call the DMACC Benefits Helpline at 888-384-8411.

Workers' Compensation Forms: To access DMACC Designated Physician forms for work-related injuries, click the following link: and look under the "Workers' Compensation" section. These forms can also be found on


Retirement Links
IPERS - IPERS Member Handbook
TIAA-CREF -TIAA-CREF Member Handbook
Social Security