OCCO Instructions For Counselors

High School On-Campus Course Options (OCCO) 

In order to maximize course selection and book availability for students, the following deadlines for DMACC OCCO registration for the 2020/2021 school year have been put into place:

Fall 2020 Term - July 10, 2020
Spring 2021 Term - November 13​, 2020​

*Any registration submitted after these dates must be approved on an individual basis by the Registrar.

Instructions for High School Counselors

Step 1

High school counselors will assist students in completing the OCCO registration form.

  • CRN numbers are required.
  • Student and authorized school official signatures are required.
  • Incomplete forms will not be processed.
  • Late registrations will not be processed.

If your school does not have an OCCO username and password with DMACC, please contact Andrea Jacobsen in Registration at apjacobsen@dmacc.edu. Andrea will send you an email with your username and password. Keep track of this information as it gives you access to the OCCO form by clicking the following link. 

» Access OCCO forms (username & password required)

Step 2

​The above OCCO registration form must be emailed to: Andrea Jacobsen at apjacobsen@dmacc.eduAll forms must be received by the appropriate registration deadline listed above.

Once all OCCO registrations have been processed, DMACC will email a confirmation of enrollment to each participating school/counselor. The high school counselor is expected to review this confirmation carefully. Anty discrepancy must be reported to Andrea Jacobsen within 5 business days.

Step 3

OCCO books will not be available on campus for pick up. All OCCO books will automatically be shipped directly to your school. Each high school must designate one person at their school to receive the book shipment. Please send designee information to apjacobsen@dmacc.edu.

Step 4

High school counselors are required to return all OCCO books to DMACC via UPS.

  • Contact Jeremy Turgasen by email jtturgasen@dmacc.edu with the number of books they have to send back. Jeremy will have UPS send them a return label via email.
  • Books should be returned in the box they came in.
  • Counselors will need to contact UPS and/or the school's shipping and receiving department to arrange pickup.
  • Students should not return OCCO books to a campus bookstore.

Questions regarding book orders and returns should be directed to Jeremy Turgasen at (515) 964-6546 or jtturgasen@dmacc.edu