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Did you know:

  • Last year, DMACC had over 36,000 students taking college credit classes.
  • Last year, DMACC students took nearly 460,000 college credits.
  • DMACC's average class size is only 18 students.
  • DMACC is the largest undergraduate college in the state.
  • DMACC's tuition is the lowest in central Iowa.
  • Attending DMACC for the first two years of college will save students thousands of dollars in tuition.
  • Partnership programs with DMACC and 4-year colleges/universities provide many additional benefits for students planning on transferring.
  • DMACC has 6 full service campuses, as well as multiple Career Academies and satellite sites.
  • While DMACC offers over 150 programs, nearly 80% of the student body is enrolled in college parallel classes or transfer programs.
  • DMACC's Career Advantage program serves over 50 school districts in the state of Iowa.


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