Step 2: Review & Submit Financial Aid Requirements

​​​​​The DMACC Financial Aid Office will receive your FAFSA from the federal government 10-14 days after you complete the application on

Once the application is received, DMACC will reach out to you via letter (new students) and email (new and continuing students).  The Financial Aid Office will primarily use your DMACC email address to contact you, so check it often.

Additional information may be needed

It is very common for students to have to complete additional forms or provide additional documents before their eligibility for financial aid can be determined.  DMACC refers to these items as “requirements.” These requirements can include being selected for verification. 

Financial Aid Requirements

If you have requirements that must be completed, DMACC will inform you via letter or email.  You will be directed to the Web Info System (accessible through myDMACC) to complete the requirements. 

» Instructions to view Financial Aid Requirements on the Web Info System

Many DMACC forms can be completed online.  These items are time-sensitive, and must be completed as soon as possible. The processing of your financial aid is not possible until all requirements have been completed. Your charges will not be paid by financial aid and you will not receive a refund of excess financial aid until all missing items are submitted and your file has been processed.


Verification Process

Verification is the process the federal government uses to ensure the information you placed on the FAFSA is correct. If you are selected for verification, you must complete the verification process.  DMACC will help you through this process by identifying what forms you need to complete, or what documents you need to provide to the Financial Aid Office.  If you do not finish the verification process, your financial aid eligibility cannot be calculated. 

» ​More information on our verification process 


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