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Welcome to DMACC Des Moines/Urban

DMACC Des Moines/Urban is located in the heart of the City of Des Moines and is one of the most diverse and multicultural student bodies in the state. DMACC Des Moines/Urban students come from near and far - Central Iowa and more than 75 countries around the globe. They have all found a place where they are supported and can achieve their dreams.


Academic Programs

Academic Programs

Degrees, Diplomas, and Certificates available at Des Moines/Urban Campus. Our academic programs provide students with structured educational opportunities to acquire knowledge, develop skills, and career exploration to better prepare you for the future.

Available Programs

Student Activities & Clubs

Student Activities & Clubs

Ways to get involved in campus life. Student activities and clubs offer students the chance to engage in extracurricular pursuits, foster friendships, develop leadership skills, and enhance their overall college experience outside of the classroom.


Student Services

Student Services

Supporting students to achieve success. Student Services encompasses a range of support and resources to assist in areas such as advising, career counseling, mental health support, and other essential needs to ensure the overall well-being and success of our students.

Services and Resources

Uniquely Des Moines

Uniquely Des Moines/Urban

What makes Des Moines/Urban special. Every campus is unique, with its own distinct atmosphere, traditions, academic programs, student body, and campus facilities, offering a diverse range of experiences and opportunities to create a truly memorable and personalized college experience.

Campus Features

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of students identify as first generation students


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