Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

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Diversity at DMACC

DMACC has the distinction of enrolling the most culturally diverse student population in the Iowa higher education system. Our responsibility to our students, and to the staff and faculty that serve them, is articulated in the diversity vision statement: DMACC will create a culture in which all people are valued and supported, and will celebrate the similarities and differences among us. In doing so, we will prepare the DMACC community to live, to learn, and to work together in a global society.

DMACC has one of the most culturally diverse student populations in the Iowa higher education system.  Additionally, Diversity and Inclusion are core values of the College and are exemplified in how are our faculty and staff approach their work every day and show up for our students.  DMACC’s current Diversity, Equity and Inclusion efforts include the hiring of a Coordinator of Student Access and Success to focus on enrollment strategies and to design, administer and assess inclusive student programming.  Additionally, DMACC has  assembled a College-wide task force with representatives from the President’s Office, Human Resources, faculty and staff from Academic Affairs and Student Affairs, the Office of Planning, Assessment and Data and DMACC’s Diversity Commission to review DMACC’s DEI Strategic Plan through the lenses of accreditation, student outcomes, compliance and workplace culture and behaviors.  By no later than the second quarter of 2024, the task force will finalize DMACC’s DEI Strategic Plan and goals, create action plans regarding plan implementation and nominate an implementation team.  The plan will include areas of departmental policies and practices, training and education, accreditation, compliance, student outcomes and workplace culture.   A coordinator position for employee access and success that will be responsible for the identification, coordination and implementation of DMACC’s diversity, equity and inclusion HR strategies and initiatives has been approved.  The DEI-focused coordinator position in the Human Resources department will also be responsible for providing leadership and direction to help College faculty and staff implement measures that break down barriers to creating a more inclusive community for all.  This position will serve as a key member of the Human Resources team and the leadership team for the College. Both coordinator roles, in partnership with the DEI Strategic Plan implementation team, will focus on promoting the principles of DEI and managing the project plan for accomplishing the goals of the DEI Strategic Plan, including reporting out on measurement outcomes. 

Questions about the DEI Strategic Plan Task Force can be directed to Amanda Easton, Director of Employee Relations, Performance Management & Special Projects at adeaston@dmacc.edu. 

For any student concerns regarding access, belonging and success, please reach out to Wesley Harris, Coordinator of Student Access and Success at lwharrisjr@dmacc.edu. 

For questions regarding educational activities at the College and in the community and guest speakers, please reach out to DMACC Diversity Commission co-chairs, Jennie Doke-Kerns and Bruce Lasch at jadokekerns@dmacc.edu and balasch@dmacc.edu. 

Anyone who has concerns/complaints about sex-based or gender-based discrimination or sexual misconduct is encouraged to contact Debbie McKittrick, Judicial Officer & Title IX Coordinator at dkmckittrick@dmacc.edu.

Diversity Initiatives


Diversity in classrooms

Making faculty and staff more aware of diversity in their classrooms and in the content of their courses, to develop new approaches for teaching course content with a perspective of diversity, and to promote an attitude in the DMACC community and an atmosphere on our campus that demonstrates a valuing of diversity. ​

Diversity Initiatives

Diversity Resources


Bringing us together

Tools and services that help promote diversity, equity and inclusion at DMACC and provide intercultural bridge building and community participation.


Allies Against Racism


Fight against racism

Creating a culture in which all people are valued and supported, and to celebrate the similarities and differences among us. In doing so, we will prepare the DMACC community to live, to learn, and to work together in a global society.

Allies Against Racism

Diversity Commission


DMACC One Community

Diversity awareness is the full recognition and appreciation of human value. DMACC will actively advocate for diversity awareness and ensure the integration of diversity into all aspects of institutional life.

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