Advising and Counseling

​​​​​​​​​How to Reach Us

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Patty Harrison ​515-370-3441​​
Shelby Hildreth​​​515-207-9413
Alexis Atkinson
Jocelyn Kovarik​ ​​515-992-0864
Erin Neumann ​​515-635-1222
Brett Putz ​​515-433-5213

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Rebekah Burhenn

​The academic advising service is designed to assist students in planning educational programs, setting goals and meeting graduation requirements, developing academic skills, and using the resources of the college to meet educational needs. Additional assistance is offered in selection of a transfer institution and in the transfer of credits. The value of a degree, diploma, or certificate program is explained.

Professional counseling services are provided to students by the college to assist students in career planning, educational planning and in solving problems of a personal nature. Counselors help students to make decisions and to plan for a successful future. Counselors help students choose educational programs and career directions, recommend and interpret career and interest inventories and assessments, examine mid-career options, discuss anticipated academic difficulties, and develop an appropriate course of study.

Students who experience difficulty or dissatisfaction with their curriculum are encouraged to make use of the counseling services to explore options or an alternative course of action. Counselors can also provide assistance with developing satisfying personal and social relationships, solving academic-financial problems, working through a crisis, and making referrals.

Boone Campus Student Services office may be contacted at 800-362-2127 (number 6​ on the menu) or 515-432-7203.


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BS, Iowa State University

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BS, Iowa State University
MSW, University of Northern Iowa
Trauma-Informed Care Specialization

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BS, Iowa State University

MA, University

Northern Iowa

Post grad,

Drake University

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BS, Briar Cliff University
in Health, Physical Education
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Morningside University
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BA, Upper Iowa University​




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