Adult High School Diploma

​​If interested in the DMACC Adult High School Diploma Program Contact:

Greg McCullough, Consultant
DMACC Southridge Room 1-C
1111 East Army Post Road
Des Moines, IA 50315
Phone: 515-287-8702
Fax: 515-287-8733 ​​

The following locations offer the DMACC Adult High School Diploma:

DMACC – Ankeny Campus
2006 S Ankeny Blvd – Ankeny
Building 17, Room 5

DMACC – Boone Campus
1125 Hancock Drive – Boone
Room 102

DMACC – Carroll Campus
906 N Grand Road – Carroll
Room 157

DMACC – Newton Campus
600 N 2nd Avenue W – Newton
Room 107

DMACC ​​​ Southridge Center
1111 E. Army Post Road – Des Moines

DMACC – West Campus
5959 Grand Avenue – West Des Moines
Room 119W

DMACC Perry VanKirk Career Academy
1011 2nd Ave. – Perry


​​Determination of Credits for DMACC Adult High School Diploma Students

Requirements for Graduation:
DMACC requires that students successfully complete 32 semester credits to qualify for the DMACC Adult High School Diploma.

Eligibility Requirements:
To be eligible for a DMACC Adult Diploma, the student must wait until his/her original high school class has graduated per Iowa Legislation. The student must also complete at least TWO courses through DMACC. These may include college courses which would be counted as half of the college credit earned when applied toward the DMACC Adult Diploma.

The credit requirements for graduation are as follows:

​​Course/C​ore Area
Number of
Credits Required
​English 6
Mathematics 3
Science 2
American History 2
American Government 1
Electives ​18
Total 32


Transcript Evaluations:​
When it has been determined that a student wants to enroll in the DMACC Adult High School Diploma Program, they need to submit a transcript to the center in which they wish to attend.

Transcripts can be sent, faxed or delivered to the center in which they wish to attend.

Transcripts should include the following information:

  1. Student's name
  2. School name (if credits are from more than one school, each school name must be indicated)
  3. Course name and credit awarded
  4. School year credits were earned
  5. DMACC credits should be listed as such

Please make sure that transcripts are legible. Handwritten information on transcripts will NOT be accepted.

If there are any unique situations regarding a student's transcript, please attach a note of explanation. This will expedite the evaluation process.

Please note the following transcript exceptions:

  • We do not award credit for physical education or religion classes
  • R.O.T.C. credits are calculated at ½ credits.

The fee for each course is $125. There maybe additional textbook fees depending on the center you have chosen to attend.

Payment is due at the time the students enroll in a course.

Students have four months from the day of enrollment to complete a course.

There will be NO time extensions.

Testing Policies
60% is the minimum acceptable score on any one test in a course. However, an average of 70% or above is necessary for a successful completion. If the student has failed 1/3 of the tests, the course will be failed and no credit given.