Correspondence Program Policies & Procedures

​​​Determination of Credit for DMACC Diploma Students

Requirements for Graduation:

DMACC requires that students successfully complete 32 semester credits to qualify for the DMACC Adult High School Diploma.

To be eligible for a DMACC Adult Diploma, a student must complete at least two courses through DMACC.

The credit requirements for graduation are as follows:

​Course/Core AreaNumber of Credits Required
American History
American Government

Any student meeting the minimum core requirements in math will not be allowed to take Developmental Math I or II as a math credit.

The DMACC Adult High School Diploma will NOT be issued until the​ student's original high school class has graduated per Iowa Legislation.

The DMACC diploma is certified through the Iowa Department of Education and meets all state graduation requirements. However, please note that under the No Child Left Behind legislation students graduating with DMACC Adult Diplomas must be counted as dropouts per the Iowa Department of Education.

Transcript Evaluations:

When it has been determined that a student is going to work toward the DMACC Adult Diploma, please submit a transcript to the Correspondence Office as listed on the last page of this document.

If the student is working on other credits as well as DMACC credits, updated transcripts should be sent at the conclusion of each semester. Please indicate that it is an updated transcript.

Transcripts should include the following information:

  1. Student's name
  2. School name (if credits are from more than one school, each school name must be indicated)
  3. Course name and credit awarded
  4. School year credits were earned
  5. DMACC credits should be listed as such

Please make sure that transcripts are legible. Handwritten information on transcripts is NOT recommended.

If there are any unique situations regarding a student's transcript, please attach a note of explanation. This will expedite the evaluation process.

Once the transcript evaluation is completed, you will receive a copy for your records.

Please note the following transcript exceptions:

  • We do not award credit for physical education or religion classes.
  • R.O.T.C. credits are calculated at ½ credit.

DMACC college credits are calculated at ½ credit when applied toward a high school diploma. Once an official college transcript has been received by the Correspondence Office, these credits will be shown as earned at DMACC and may be used to satisfy the diploma requirement of two DMACC courses.


The fee for each course is $100.00 plus the cost of books.

Students have four months from the day of enrollment to complete the course. The enrollment date will be approximately five days from the date that materials are mailed.

There will be NO time extensions.

Enrollment forms should be faxed or mailed to the High School Correspondence Office as listed at the bottom of this page.

We will no longer bill students directly. If payment is not included with the course enrollment form, we will bill the school and it becomes your responsibility to collect from the student.

Scoring of Tests:

As tests are completed, please fax or mail to the Correspondence Office as listed on the last page of this document.

60% is the minimum acceptable score on any one test in a course. However, an average of 70% or above is necessary for a successful completion.

It is advisable to forward tests as completed to the Correspondence Office for grading. It is in the best interest of the student to wait until you receive confirmation of scores before taking more tests. This will help insure a successful completion.

Test proctors must be certified teachers. The original proctor will be responsible for testing and completing information on test forms. Proctor associates must be well informed before administering tests. The regular proctor remains responsible for the student and associated tests.

Tests must be dated and bear the student's full name.

Avoid pencil or unusual ink colors when faxing tests.

Re-Test Policy:

Re-tests will be sent only if a student fails to meet an overall average of 70% or better upon completion of all tests. The program coordinator will automatically send out re-tests at the appropriate time.

Only one re-test is allowed for each exam. Scores will be averaged with the original score.

Course Completions:

When a student successfully completes a course, you will receive a grade sheet and completion letter confirming the completion. A corresponding completion letter will be sent to the high school registrar when the course in taken on a credit transfer basis.

DMACC Adult Diplomas:

When a student has completed all coursework for the DMACC adult diploma, please submit a completed Request for Diploma form.

If you want us to send out the application, please make sure that we have a current address for the student.

Course Failures:

After re-tests, if the student still fails to earn an overall average of 70%, a course failure will be processed. The student may re-enroll, but he or she will be required to start the course over, retaking all exams with an original score of less than 70%. No other existing test scores will be retained.

You will receive a copy of the grade sheet and a course failure letter that will also be sent to your registrar confirming the failure.

Student Drop Policy:

If a student is dropped, either at your request or because the course is not completed within the allotted 4 months, we will maintain the test scores for 12 months from the original enrollment date. You may re-enroll a student during those 12 months, and we will include the existing scores.

After one year from the original enrollment date, the student will be required to start the course over. No existing test scores will be honored.

Destroy any remaining tests when a student is dropped. DO NOT use them for another student, as they WILL NOT be accepted.

When a student is dropped, keep the books to use when you enroll another student in that course.

To contact the Correspondence Program, please use the information listed below:

Rick Carpenter
Director of High School Programs

John Carroll
Correspondence Program
DMACC Southridge Room 1-C
1111 East Army Post Road
Des Moines, IA 50315
Phone: 515-287-8701
Fax: 515-287-8733

(Updated 8/20/13)