Express Services

The Academic Advising Office provides an Express Service to assist students with brief, general questions.

Express Services are assisted on a first come, first serve basis. This means you may be required to wait, and waiting times are often extensive during registration periods. In order for us to serve as many students as possible, we attempt to limit Express Services to ten minutes. If your question or concern requires a more in-depth session, you may be asked to schedule an appointment.

Please also be aware that our advisors specialize in different programs of study; therefore, the Express Service advisor might not be able to answer your program-specific questions. You will need to schedule an appointment with your program ‚Äčadvisor or contact your program chairperson or instructor for assistance with program-specific issues.

Express Service advising sessions are not intended to replace regular advising appointments. We encourage you to schedule regular advising appointments so that we can help you develop your goals, assist you with your career and transfer plans, and provide you with more in-depth planning assistance.

Here are some appropriate Express Service advising issues:

  • Changing majors
  • Questions about college policies and procedures
  • Graduation progress checks
  • Adding or dropping a class
  • Information about majors
  • Transfer information
  • Readmission information for former students

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