High School Students Admissions

High School & Home-Schooled Students

DMACC offers the opportunity for high school and home-schooled students to enroll in credit courses. These procedures do not apply to high school age students enrolling under Career Advantage, or other special contractual agreements.

Admission of High School Aged Students

DMACC offers the opportunity for high school students to enroll in credit courses as self-paid. Students must meet all necessary prerequisites for college level courses.

  1. Submit a completed Application for Admission and select: Non-Degree Seeking and the Liberal Arts Program on the application.
    First you will create a log-in for the online application (this is not the same as the log in for myDMACC and/or Canvas). This log-in is only necessary to gain access to the application for Admission.
  2. Submit the DMACC High School Permission Form.
  3. Freshman and Sophomores complete Next-Generation ACCUPLACER® Test and ALEKS math placement assessment or submit ACT scores to DMACC. Course placement is mandatory based on assessment scores.
  4. Freshman and Sophomores are also required to meet with a DMACC academic advisor prior to registration.