​We are always looking for volunteers to tutor Adult Literacy Center students.

Volunteers meet one-to-one with their assigned student once a week for one or 1½ hours. Tutoring sessions occur in study rooms on the DMACC Urban Campus or at any convenient public location such as libraries and community centers.

ALC curriculum consists of online learning and volunteer tutoring. The ALC utilizes Mindplay, online instruction that offers anywhere/anytime learning. ALC students complete a Mindplay Universal Screener to assess skill levels in phonics, comprehension, fluency, and vocabulary. Students then are assigned individualized Mindplay learning activities based on their unique learning needs.

Tutors prepare reading, spelling, speaking activities that align with their student’s interests and needs. Many free resources are also available.

How to Become a Volunteer

Complete the Tutor Application and indicate times you are available for tutoring. A one-year commitment is requested. Tutors and students with similar availability and preferences are matched.
Potential volunteers attend a 2-hour orientation, offered monthly at various times. Volunteers are matched with a student with similar time availability and preferences.

Questions: Call 515-248-7517 or email vlmerrifield@dmacc.edu.