​Volunteer Literacy Coaches meet one to one (or on Zoom) with their assigned student once a week for 1 to 1 ½ hours. Coaching sessions can occur in study rooms on DMACC campuses or at any library or community center. These sessions are arranged in the Adult Literacy Center office to accommodate both Coach and Student.

The Adult Literacy office staff will furnish the Literacy Coach with the appropriate curriculum and resources to work with their individual student. Staff is available to answer questions and provide support.

The Adult Literacy Center also uses MindPlay, an online program that offers anywhere, anytime learning. The ALC student first completes a MindPlay universal screener to assess skill levels in phonics, comprehension, fluency and vocabulary. Each student is then assigned individualized MindPlay learning activities based on their unique learning needs.

How to Become a Literacy Coach

Complete the Literacy Coach application and indicate the times you will be available. Coaches and students are matched according to their availability and preferences. A one-year commitment is requested.

Call 515-248-7517 or email: vlmerrifield@dmacc.edu