The Mission of the Adult Literacy Center is to improve literacy, resulting in enhanced self-esteem, daily living and lifelong learning. Utilizing volunteers and new technologies, we teach adults to read, write and comprehend.

Who we serve

  • Any Des Moines area adult who needs to read, write, and/or speak better. (It is not necessary to be a DMACC student.)
  • New Iowans who can speak English but need to learn to read and write English.
  • Adults with low literacy skills who have dyslexia and/or learning disabilities.

Adults enroll because they want to complete a high school education, enroll in training or community college, read to their children, find a job or a better job, and to be more independent.

Our services

  • Basic skills assessment
  • One-to-one tutoring
  • Computer-based instruction
  • Instruction in basic reading skills, spelling, comprehension, writing, and speaking

Volunteers meet one-to-one with an assigned adult learner on the DMACC Urban Campus, at area libraries or other convenient public locations. Online learning is available.