Entrance Requirements

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Complete These Required Steps to Enroll:​ ​

  1. ​Click on “Get More Information” on the website
    Go to The DMACC Transportation Institute website​ and click “Get More Information & How to Apply” as the first step in the application process. If you are receiving this by email from us, you already completed this step.
  2. You must be at least 18 years of age
  3. Get your CDL Permit (CLP) from the Iowa DOT
    You must have a valid driver’s license and no unresolved license issues in any states in order to obtain a CDL permit.  YOU WILL NEED A PERMIT BEFORE YOU CAN REGISTER FOR CLASS. See the info below on how to obtain your permit. You must set up an appointment to take the permit tests at the DOT. You will need to take General Knowledge, Airbrake and Combination written tests for Class A CLP. Class B CLP does not require Combination.  You will need to provide to the DOT a state birth certificate or passport or INS documentation in order to get your permit.
  4. Purchase your Certified Motor Vehicle Record from the Iowa DOT
    Purchase a CERTIFIED 5-year Motor Vehicle Record (MVR). Go to your local DOT station or the Iowa DOT website (cost approx. $8.00). 
  5. Apply for financial assistance/grants
    See the list on The DMACC Transportation Institute Funding & Grants webpage​. You must have approved financial assistance or be paying for yourself in order to get registered. Most students can qualify for a grant as they are not always income based. This process may take several weeks. If you are a paying in cash or check or credit card, payment must be made in full at registration.
  6. Do you have a social security card?
    Bring an un-laminated social security card to registration. If you need a new one, it can be ordered online at www.ssa.gov or at the Federal building. There is about a 2 week wait if you need to order one. 
  7. Get a DOT approved physical
    DOT physicals must be from a physician on the FMCSA’s register of certified doctors. You can choose any provider on the registry. Both the long form and the short form (card) are required. Most grants will pre-pay for this physical. Be sure to double check with your grant before getting a physical. 
  8. Call the Transportation Institute
    When you finish the above steps, call us at 515-965-7450 to get registered. You must have all of the documentation on this page ready before starting class. We will schedule a class and register you. 
  9. Drug test--do not go until instructed
    You will be required to take a drug test prior to class. ​DMACC PAYS FOR THE DRUG TEST; do not go until you are instructed.