Why Start at DMACC?


DMACC Grads are better prepared for four-year colleges and universities.

Research shows that DMACC students who earn a two-year degree are better prepared for the academic rigors of attending a four-year college.  At DMACC, 90% of graduates who go on to a Regents Institution stay enrolled there after one year, versus 68%​ who don't attend DMACC or take fewer than 30 credits.

Our required cource: SDV 108 - The College Experience, develops student's skills to successfully navigate college: from studying to test taking to balancing workload and life.


Our Associate in Arts (AA) degree pathways are designed for students who want to pursue a Bachelor degree. They offer solid foundation for a Liberal Arts or professional degree in many fields such as Law, Medicine and Engineering. DMACC's Exploratory Liberal Arts Pathways offer extra help with your schedule, career counseling, internships and many more support services.


All DMACC students have access to an online degree progress tracker called Degree Works. It shows classes left to take toward a degree and an option to view how your credits stack up if you change your program/major.

High school students who take DMACC classes have Degree Tracker, which outlines the courses needed to progress toward a DMACC Liberal Arts degree.

Transfer BrochureTransfer Brochure

For more information on how to Start Your Four-Year Degree at DMACC, please download the "DMACC's Path to Transfer" brochure.