Grand View University Transfer Program

Benefits of Two Great Institutions - DMACC and Grand View

Apply to DMACC and the TRI-Grand View Program and enjoy the benefits of two great places at once!

Now you can enjoy a seamless transition from Des Moines Area Community College to Grand View University in Des Moines.

Under the new Transfer Resource Initiative (TRI) program, you'll enjoy the benefits of being a student at both schools while you complete your first two years of college at DMACC, including:

  • Cultural
  • Social
  • Recreational

At the end of two years, you can earn an Associate's Degree from DMACC, then move on to Grand View to complete your Bachelor's Degree in as little as two additional years.

Four years . . . more affordably!

You can save thousands of dollars by completing your first two years at DMACC, which has the lowest tuition charges of any Iowa college.

TRI Program - Career opportunities in dozens of fields

Being a TRI participant enables you to choose from many exciting majors.

As a TRI student, you'll work with an academic advisor from both Grand View University and DMACC to be certain all courses you take at DMACC will transfer successfully toward your Bachelor's Degree.

While you're a DMACC student, the College will automatically send your DMACC transcripts to Grand View, so they can track your progress and help keep you going in the right direction.

TRI offers a pathway to many opportunities. Along with academic advising, you can enjoy these benefits from both of your schools—DMACC and Grand View University:

  • You'll be co-advised throughout your time at DMACC. This way, you'll have a DMACC advisor keeping you on track while you're there and a Grand View advisor making sure all of your DMACC classes are transfer-friendly.
  • Experience the Grand View community while attending DMACC, making your transition easier.
  • Attend any Grand View activities free, including sporting events and all other on-campus entertainment.
  • Get a bus pass for the Link throughout Des Moines year round.

To participate in the TRI program, you need to apply for adm​ission to Des Moines Area Community College. The application is free.

Upon acceptance to DMACC

  • Schedule an appointment with a DMACC Academic Advisor to obtain your TRI application.
  • Return your completed TRI application to the DMACC Admissions Office​ ​and it will be ​forwarded to your Grand View admissions counselor.
  • Request all college transcripts to be sent to Grand View, plus your high school transcripts if you have less than 60 college credits completed at the time of applying. If you have less than 24 college credits completed at the time of applying, submit both your high school transcripts and ACT or Compass test scores.
  • Walk through the TRI Program with your Grand View admissions counselor.
  • Upon acceptance, Molly Lauck​​, academic advisor at Grand View, will advise you via email and provide you with suggested DMACC courses to take before y​ou begin your courses at Grand View.

    DMACC students must have at least a 2.0 grade-point average to be accepted into the TRI program and must maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA in order to be admitted at Grand View. Students are only eligible for this program if they are one year (two semesters) or more away from transferring to Grand View.

DMACC will automatically send Grand View your updated transcripts after each completed semester at DMACC and your GV admissions counselor will review them to make sure you have still met our admissions requirements.