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Expanded partnership - new opportunities!

​​​​​​​​​Do you want to get the most of your academic journey to Iowa State University after DMACC? Then consider DMACC – ISU Connect​.

DMACC-ISU Connect builds on the longstanding Admissions Partnership Program (APP)​ between DMACC and ISU. In addition to guaranteed admission to Iowa State when you meet academic requirements and access to student clubs and recreation facilities, DMACC-ISU Connect offers:

  • Onsite transfer admission counseling
  • Coordinated academic advising and degree planning
  • Personal onboarding sessions with ISU staff
  • Dedicated ISU housing community for DMACC transfers
  • Career preparation workshops and other special events

In addition, DMACC-ISU Connect offers an early-entry option for DMACC-bound high school seniors, jump-starting the planning process for future transfer.

Apply to get started

​​​​​​Katie Mott works one-on-one with DMACC students onsite and virtually to navigate the transfer process. As a former transfer student herself, she can help with questions and guide students through the transfer steps. Katie is available one day a week on DMACC’s Ankeny campus, Building 5, and on other campuses throughout the semester.

Schedule a meeting

Students apply online​ to join the program.

  • Eligibility is initially based on the student having registered for DMACC classes
  • High school GPA is not considered in eligibility requirements
  • Upon application, all college course work leading to transfer must be submitted to ISU (i.e., transcripts from DMACC and any prior colleges)
  • Students who have attempted community college course work must have a cumulative transferable academic GPA of 2.0 or better
  • Career technical, preparatory, and military credits are not counted toward a transferrable academic GPA

Additional eligibility

  • Students who have taken courses at Iowa State concurrently during high school or during the summer immediately following graduation from high school
  • Former ISU students who left ISU in good academic standing

Not eligible

  • Students in their final DMACC semester prior to transfer. (Students must enroll while having one or more future DMACC semesters ahead of them, summer not included.)
  • Former ISU students who were dismissed, including students enrolled in off-campus programs.
  • Students with a cumulative college GPA below 2.0.

​​DMACC-ISU Connect offers services for high school seniors planning to attend DMACC after high school and who are interested in transferring to Iowa State in the future.

Students apply to join the program​ during their final semester of high school. (February-April recommended.)

  • High school GPA is not considered in eligibility requirements. (This means even high school students who were not admissible directly to ISU may still be admissible into the Connect program.)
  • Students who have completed concurrent college courses during high school must submit college transcripts upon application. Transferable academic credits will be reviewed, and a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or better is required. (Career/technical/preparatory courses are not included in the cumulative GPA review.)

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