Core Classes

Courses listed below reflect DMACC core courses that transfer to Iowa State University, University of Iowa, University of Northern Iowa and other Private Institutions.

The DMACC course catalog lists more course offerings that may also transfer to your desired transfer institution and program. Electives can be chosen from courses below or any area of interest or discipline in the DMACC course catalog.

Communications: 9 Credits

Social & Behavioral Sciences: 9 Credits

To fulfill this requirement, you must take three courses in three different areas of study (three different class prefixes).

  • Correct Example: ECN 120, GEO 111, SOC 120.
  • Incorrect Example: SOC 110, SOC 115, SOC 120. All three of these begin with the SOC prefix.

Math & Science: 9 Credits

For Math Classes, your ALEKS score may require a prerequisite math course (MAT 034, MAT 053, MAT 063, MAT 064 or MAT 073) before taking a class in the pathway.

NOTE: Students must have a science course with a lab.

Humanities: 9 Credits

Diversity Courses

Distributed Requirements courses: 10 Credits

You must take SDV 108, and complete 9 credits worth any courses on this page that you haven't already taken.

Elective Courses: 18 Credits

Any class that doesn't count toward the above requirements can be fulfilled as an elective. Also, if you have courses that are transferred in from other institutions including DMACC Career Advantage/Academy, that do not count toward a requirement, will be considered as an a elective course.