Why Study in London

​​​Top 10 Reasons
to Spend Spring Semester in London

#1 Make yourself more employable by adding a "study abroad" line to your resume.

#2 ​Immerse yourself in one of the oldest and most modern European capitals.

#3 Learn about European history and culture from British and DMACC professors.

#4 Create a new self by living a life of a big-city dweller (if only for 8 weeks!) You will never completely go back to the old "you."

#5 See the world you are learning about in books with your own eyes.

#6 Visit world famous museums, historic sites and theaters: The Tower of London, Shakespeare's Globe Theater, Stonehenge and many more.

#7 Travel around Europe on weekends (Paris is within 3 hours by train; Florence, Rome, Madrid, Prague are within 2-3 hours by air).

#8 Get adopted by a British family as you stay at their house for 8 weeks.

#9 Make new British and American friends taking classes on the University of London campus.

#10 Learn to speak British! Cheerio!


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