Important Travel Information

The following documents contain important information for students studying abroad with DMACC in England.

Security Abroad- click to view
Security Abroad

Many hundreds of American college students have studied happily and safely in Europe with AIFS for the last 40 years. This encompasses a period in which at one time the Gulf War was in process. Despite the recent incidents, life in London this summer is much the same as in the past. While no one can guarantee the safety of any individual anywhere in the world, statistically it remains an extremely low probability that an American student overseas would come to any harm as a result of terrorist activity.

US Embassy Registration- click to view
US Embassy Registration

For security reasons AIFS strongly advises all its students to register with the US State Department before leaving the US. We are unable to do this for you - you must do it individually on-line. You will need your passport information before you can do this.

Packing information - click to view

Deciding what to bring and what to leave behind can be a difficult task. Students always find that they brought more clothing than was necessary. Remember that you have to carry your luggage yourself; there will be nobody to help you and elevators are sometimes scarce. You will not have much closet space to store your clothes and if you are planning to travel after the program you will have to carry your own luggage.

Money information - click to view

Using an ATM, Traveler's Cheques (In the relevant local currency) and Credit Cards are the safest and simplest ways to access money in Europe. It's a good idea to use a combination of all three methods so you are covered in the majority of situations.

Communication information - click to view

When you are away from home you will no doubt feel the need to keep your nearest and dearest up to date about what you are doing. Here is some advice about the various ways you can stay in touch while you are away from home.