STRIVE/DMACC Enrollment Process

​​​Steps in the STRIVE/DMACC Enrollment Process

  1. The local high school IEP team refers the student to STRIVE (view entry requirements). A referral checklist and required forms must be turned in by the special education teacher/AEA personnel by mid-November for a January (spring semester) start and mid-March for an August (fall semester start) of the student's senior year. Forms​ and timelines can be found on the STRIVE webpage.
  2. The student turns in a DMACC application identifying his/her vocational program choice. Applying online is recommended.

    **This part of the process, as well as any other DMACC vocational program entry requirements (see #3 and #4 below), should be completed as soon as possible - at the beginning of the senior year or, in a few programs, during the junior year. Many DMACC programs are in high demand and have limited enrollment.

  3. The student takes the Next-Generation ACCUPLACER® test on any DMACC campus. A picture ID is required in order to take the test. A completed DMACC application (which includes vocational program choice) must be turned in at testing time or be on file at DMACC before the Next-Generation ACCUPLACER test can be given. Call 515-964-6595 for more information.
  4. The student completes all DMACC vocational program entry requirements. Some programs only require the Next-Generation ACCUPLACER test, but several programs have additional requirements. See specific DMACC vocational program information for details. A student will not be accepted into a DMACC program or go on a waiting list until all program entry requirements have been met.
  5. The student and parent attend an informational interview with a STRIVE staff member in December for spring semester starts and April for fall semester starts.
  6. The student attends his/her DMACC vocational program orientation/registration session during the summer in order to register for fall classes and usually in December for spring classes. Time/date information is emailed by DMACC. If a student is unable to attend DMACC/STRIVE, he/she must notify DMACC, STRIVE, and his/her high school. This is particularly important since many DMACC vocational programs have limits on student enrollment. The student needs to withdraw so other students can have the opportunity to enroll in the vocational program.
  7. The student attends the STRIVE orientation which is usually scheduled 1 to 2 days before classes start in the fall. A letter with details is sent late July.

**Students are not eligible for FAFSA (financial aid) when they attend DMACC with STRIVE support. Once their special education services have been terminated, and they are no longer a high school student, they will be eligible for financial aid.

** It is the responsibility of the student to contact DMACC and STRIVE if their phone number, mailing address, and or email address changes any time after application materials have been submitted.