STRIVE Informational Sessions

​​​​​A visit to DMACC and STRIVE is strongly recommended for prospective students. It helps to familiarize a student with vocational program requirements as well as the role of STRIVE.

I​n Informational Session is much more beneficial to a student if he/she researches a vocational program of interest ahead of time by:

  1. Clicking on Vocational Program Recommendations to obtain a list of the 28 vocational programs available. Then click on a sp​ecific program to obtain the following information: Program Description; Type of Work the program prepares you for; Required Courses; an Academic Skills Guide; General Skills and Abilities needed and Recommended High School classes.
  2. Obtaining DMACC vocational program information from your transition consultant.

To sign up for one of these informational sessions, call 515-965-7138 (or 1-800-362-7138, ext. 7138) or send an email to

Please identify the vocational program each student is interested in learning more about.