Enrollment Criteria

STRIVE may be pursued as a vocational training option if vocational goals and objectives are clearly stated and outlined on the IEP, specific skill training in the chosen vocation cannot be provided in the local district, and/or the student needs further specific skills training to enter the job market.

  1. Students shall be enrolled in a high school special education program. View all entry requirements.
  2. The staffing team shall agree that the student can meet with success when enrolled in a vocational program with STRIVE support services at DMACC.
  3. The student should possess the following prerequisite skills: socially responsible behavior, independent living skills, independent study skills, self-motivation and commitment, good attendance and assignment completion, and pre-vocational skills including having participated in some form of vocational assessment and exploration.
  4. Vocational training goals and objectives shall appear in the student's IEP.
  5. The student shall be between 16 and 21 years of age and be classified as a senior.
  6. Student shall show a desire and motiviation and parents shall demonstrate support and a willingness to cooperate and communicate with the STRIVE staff.
  7. There shall be a signed contractual agreement between the local education agency and DMACC.
  8. Referrals to the programs shall be made through the local school district and the IEP staffing team.

The ultimate goal for students is employment in the career field for which they are being trained. The attainment of the IEP goals and the level of completion in the vocational training program determine exit and graduation for each student. Each program is reviewed at least annually.