How to Register

Before You Register for Credit Classes

  1. Apply for Admission to DMACC
  2. After being accepted to DMACC, students will receive a confirmation email or letter of acceptance. Register for classes through myDMACC
  3. Students who are new to DMACC or changed to a new program/major are required to participate in a New Student Orientation tobefore they may register for classes.

Full Time Status = 12-19 credit hours during fall and spring semesters; 8-12 credit hours during the summer

Part Time Status = less than 12 credit hours during fall and spring semesters; less than 8 credit hours during the summer

How to Register for Classes

New to DMACC

  • New credit students must be accepted through the DMACC Admissions office and complete a new student orientation for their program of study.
    • To apply to DMACC or review Admissions information, click here.
    • For assistance with the Admission process or choosing a program of study, reach out to the DMACC Admissions Team.
  • After being accepted to DMACC, students will receive a confirmation email and letter of acceptance along with their next steps.

Current Accepted Student

  • Completed classes in a previous semester at DMACC within the past 3 years (not including Career Advantage or Cross Enrolled).
  • Having the same major since the last course taken.
  • Students who have changed a program​ of interest may be required to attend an orientation session for the new program area before becoming eligible to register for classes.
  • Returning students are encouraged to contact an advisor or counselor to verify that courses selected meet program/degree requirements.
  • ​​If it has been ​3 years or more since being accepted to DMACC, ​re-apply o​nline or contact DMACC Admissions:

Guest Student

  • If you attend another institution, apply to DMACC as a Guest student (Non-degree seeking / Liberal Arts).
  • Orientation is not required for Guest students.
  • After you receive your DMACC log-in information, you can register for classes via myDMACC. Online registration instructions are listed above and on the Add/Drop/Withdraw web page.
  • Course prerequisites are enforced. Send your unofficial transcript to The unofficial transcript must include your name, semester the course was completed and the final grade. Also include your DMACC ID and the course you are wanting to register for.

Register Online