International Student Admission Requirements

​​​​​​Submit the following application items to the International Student Office at the address below. Please see the deadlines page for important dates regarding the submission of your application materials.

Use this page as a checklist to keep track of the items you've sent to us. Sending all required items together ensures that your application will be processed in a timely manner.

NEW FULL-TIME INTERNATIONAL STUDENT APPLICANTS: New full-time international students need to obtain a Certificate of Eligibility form I-20 to receive a student visa through the U.S. Embassy or Consulate in their country. The I-20 indicates that all admission requirements have been met to enter the College. This document is issued through SEVIS, the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System. The U.S. Embassy or Consulate make the final decision regarding whether students will be allowed to enter the United States to study. All International Students must report to DMACC on or before the date stated on the I-20 form. Late-arriving students will not be allowed to register for class. International students requesting admission and issuance of an I-20 must provide:

  1. A completed and signed DMACC International Application for Admission.
  2. A completed International Student Information Form.
  3. a) A Financial Resource Statement verifying the ability of the stud​ent or the student's financial sponsor to meet all educational and living expenses for one year while attending DMACC. This must be signed and sealed by a notary public by the student or the student's financial sponsor and
    b) A letter or bank statement dated within six months of the application. The letter or bank statement needs to show at least $20,000 (USD). 
  4. ​An official transcript that provides evidence of graduation from a secondary school and transcripts from all postsecondary institutions attended. Photocopies may be accepted if they are properly notarized as true copies. Transcripts must be translated into English.
  5. Page 1 of p​assport

  6. ​​ The college issues an I-20 Certificate of Eligibility form after students complete the steps above
    (1-5​) and qualify for admission. The following items must be provided upon the student's arrival at DMACC to complete the admission process:

  7. ​​​​Official evidence of English proficiency. All full-time and part-time students whose native language is NOT English are required to take and pass the EL​L Test in ACCUPLACER® Next Generation as a requirement for admission. This test is available at the assessment centers located on each DMACC campus. This requirement may be waived by providing any of the following.
    1. TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) score of 173 on the computer test, 500 on the paper test, or 61 on the iBT internet-based version (45 if speaking not completed) in order to enroll in credit courses. The TOEFL code for DMACC is 6177.
    2. Official transcripts from an accredited United States college or university showing successful completion ('C' or better grade) of a college-level writing course and 6 hours of college-level academic course work requiring reading.
    3. ACT score of 19 or higher in Reading and Writing. The ACT code for DMACC is 1272.
    4. IELTS (International English Language Testing System) score ​of 5.0 or higher.
    5. Duolingo English Test: The Duolingo English Test (DET) is an online English proficiency test that can be taken online, on demand, in under an hour for only $49. The test is taken online via a computer with a webcam and microphone. The test includes a proficiency score, video interview and writing sample which are shared with DMACC when you send your results. Certified results are avail​able within 48 hours of the test session. DET tests taken on or after July 15, 2019, require a score of 90 or higher. To take your test today, please visit:
  8. ​A refundable deposit of $4,000 (USD). This deposit is required for new or transfer F-1 students at DMACC and must be paid before course registration takes place. When the student completes their studies at DMACC, any remaining amount of the deposit, less any outstanding tuition or fees, will be refunded to the student. ​​​

INTERNATIONAL TRANSFER STUDENT APPLICANTS: International Students who apply to DMACC as a transfer student from a college or university within the United States must provide the same items as new students listed as 1-7 above. In addition, transfer students must submit:​

  1. A completed DMACC Internationa​l Student Inquiry Form, completed by the current school's International Student Advisor.
  2. Copies of passport including the VISA pages, I-94 forms and all previously issued I-20 forms.

INTERNATIONAL GUEST STUDENT APPLICANTS: Students who are enrolled full-time at another college or university within the United States and wish to enroll as an international guest student at DMACC, need to provide items 1, 6 and 9 from the list above. International guest students should designate "Liberal Arts" as their program of study.​

Note: Adobe Acrobat is needed to view and print the forms.

Mail completed information to the address below or scan and email as PDF files to Thank you.

International Student Office
2006 South Ankeny Boulevard - ​Building 5, Room 1120A​
Ankeny, Iowa 50023