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DMACC Honors Alumni


Information about transferring to a four-year college or university after graduating from the DMACC Honors Program.

Honors Alumni Chapter​

​​​​​​​​The DMACC Honors Alumni Chapter is a branch of the DMACC Alumni Association that represents Honors Program graduates across all DMACC campuses and centers.

In addition to the resources and benefits available to you through the DMACC Alumni Association, Honors Alumni Chapter members receive specialized communications, invitations to exclusive events, and access to unique networking and volunteer opportunities.

To learn more about the DMACC Alumni Association and the many resources and benefits available to you, visit the DMACC Alumni Association.

Chapter Goals

  1. Annual letter writing campaign to future Honors students.
  2. Honors alumni presence at recruiting events.

  1. Donating all proceeds from apparel sales to the Honors Program.
  2. Soliciting voluntary contributions from Honors alumni.

  1. Inviting Honors alumni to attend the annual Honors Banquet where current Honors students present their projects and the newest alumni cohort is presented with medals.
  2. Hosting networking and social events across all six campuses fostering inclusivity of all campuses and strengthening the larger DMACC Honors community.
  3. Encourage members to nominate fellow Program graduates for any of the three Alumni Awards.
  4. Distributing an Honors Program newsletter to current students and Program graduates.
  5. Honors Program updates through the online DMACC Honors Alumni Facebook community.

  1. ​Inviting input from Honors alumni on their experiences and how to improve the program at Honors Advisory Council meetings.
  2. Hosting an annual discussion with the Honors Student Council in an open forum setting to survey current Honors students.