OCCO Instructions For Counselors

In order to maximize course selection and book availability for students, the following deadlines for DMACC OCCO registration for the 2024/2025 school year have been put into place:

Fall 2024 Term: July 26, 2024
Spring 2025 Term: November 15, 2024

*Any registration submitted after these dates must be approved on an individual basis by the Registrar.

Instructions for High School Counselors

OCCO offers the same classes as Online Career Academy (OLCA). There may be some on campus courses that OLCA doesn't offer. At this time, classes with extra fees or required equipment are not allowed under OCCO. Classes that are restricted to certain program of study are also not allowed. Course Descriptions & Competencies with a course type of Voc/Tech are not allowed under OCCO.  You can use our Loading...Course Catalog to view the course type. It is best for the counselor to ask if they aren't sure.

Registration for OCCO is an electronic process and has 2 options:

  1. Counselors can send out a “Student link" to all students and have them fill it out themselves. After they submit their form, it gets automatically sent to their specific guidance counselor to approve/deny. After the counselor has logged in and approved or denied courses, they will click“Submit" which will send the form to Andrea Jacobsen to register the student.
  2. Counselors may complete all forms on student's behalf. After counselors click submit, the form is sent to Andrea Jacobsen to register the student.

Here are the two links:

Below is the student link. This is needed if you choose to send students the link to fill the forms out themselves. No student LOGIN required. The forms will then be sent to counselors to approve/deny and then submitted to Andrea Jacobsen to register.

Student link

Below is the Counselor link. LOG IN is required! If you need log in information please email Andrea Jacobsen apjacobsen@dmacc.edu. This is required if you want to complete forms on your student's behalf. This is also the link where your login to see your library of completed forms. Therefore, this link is necessary either way. If you are going to complete forms on behalf of students, you must click on “Create New Form" at the top to open a blank registration form.

Counselor Link

Please use our online schedule of courses to search for the class CRN number. The CRN number will be required to register for the class.

Counselors have the ability to approve/deny courses. If a student selects a course that is NOT approved by your specific high school, just deny that course request and let the student know

OCCO Books

Step 1

All OCCO books will automatically be shipped directly to your school. OCCO books will not be available on campus for pick up. Each high school must designate one person at their school to receive the book shipment. Please send designee information to apjacobsen@dmacc.edu.

Step 2

High school counselors are required to return all OCCO books to DMACC via UPS.

  • Contact Beth Black by email b.black@follett.com with the number of books they have to send back. Beth will have UPS send them a return label via email.
  • Counselors will need to contact UPS and/or the school's shipping and receiving department to arrange pickup.
  • Students should not return OCCO books to a campus bookstore.

Questions regarding books orders and returns should be directed to Beth Black at 515-964-6302 or b.black@follett.com.