A Message from Dennis Albaugh

Dennis AlbaughMy interest in Prairie Trail was generated by my love for Ankeny. Ankeny has always been my hometown--I grew up here, I raised my family here, and now my daughters are raising their families in Ankeny! My vision with Prairie Trail is to create a lifestyle that all of Ankeny can enjoy and be proud of.

Education is an important part of every person's life. I received my higher education degree right here in Ankeny on DMACC's campus. I am a firm believer in giving Ankeny's children support as they go on to pursue their dreams. The Prairie Trail Scholarship Program is designed to accomplish just that.

When we designed the Prairie Trail Scholarship Program, I knew that we would want to involve the DMACC Foundation. DMACC has been a wonderful neighbor to Prairie Trail, as well as a pilar in the Ankeny Community. The DMACC Foundation will ensure that the monies collected for this program are used to benefit Ankeny's children and teachers.

I sincerely hope the Ankeny Community embraces Prairie Trail and all the great benefits that come with living here!

Dennis Albaugh

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