Scholarship Program

​​​​​​The DMACC Foundation has moved to a new scholarship management system. The new scholarship award system is applicable to the 2020 fall term and beyond.

The DMACC Foundation receives many generous gifts from individuals, corporations and foundations. These gifts combined with earnings from the Foundation​'s investments provide student scholarships to hundreds of students annually. Awards are based on financial need, academic achievement, community service, or a combination of donor directed qualifying criteria. The DMACC Foundation maintains an online scholarship application process in partnership with Blackbaud Award Management. The DMACC Foundation Award Management System, allows a student to:

  • Fill out one simple and secure general scholarship application.
  • Be automatically matched to scholarship opportunities at the DMACC Foundation for which the student qualifies.   
  • Receive recommended additional scholarship opportunities to apply to by submitting additional information or answering a few additional questions.​​

** The DMACC Foundation scholarship application will be available on or before May 15, 2021 for the 2021-2022 academic year.​

DMACC Foundation Scholarship Program Overview

Minimum Eligibility Requirements
An applicant must meet these minimum qualifications to be eligible for a DMACC Foundation scholarship:

  1. Earned a High School Diploma or High School Equivalency Diploma.
  2. Be a current DMACC student.
    Incoming students who do not have a DMACC User Name or Password must first complete an application for admission to DMACC and be admitted to the College.
  3. Have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher.
  4. Enrolled at DMACC in a minimum of six credit hours.

Plea​​se note: Students on financial aid suspension or attending DMACC as a guest student are not eligible for a DMACC Foundation Scholarship.

Scholarship Award Notification and Agreement
Applicants selected to receive a scholarship will be notified by email correspondence. Notification will be made to the student's DMACC email address. Scholarship recipients will receive an electronic scholarship offer through the Scholarship Application portal outlining the details and requirements of the award. Failure to accept the scholarship agreement and complete the post-acceptance scholarship requirements by the deadline will result in forfeiture of the scholarship offer.

The Scholarship Office communicates with scholarship recipients via the student's  DMACC email account. It is important that recipients check their DMACC email on a regular basis in order to receive important notices regarding their scholarship award and requirements throughout the academic year.

Disbursement of Scholarship Funds
All scholarship awards are applied to a student's DMACC account and may be used for tuition, fees and/or book charges at DMACC for the semester in which the award is given, unless otherwise specified in the scholarship award. Please note: Actual award amounts will be adjusted not to exceed recipients' tuition and fees.

Reimbursement Policy for Withdrawals
Recipients of DMACC Foundation scholarships who officially withdraw from the college and are eligible for full or partial refunds of tuition and fees are required to return the scholarship award.

Expressing Your Appreciation to Donors
The donor is interested in your success and your plans for the future. It is important to express your gratitude to those who have provided the scholarship funds for you. Students who receive scholarships from the DMACC Foundation are required to write a personal Thank You Note to the donor who has made the scholarship possible. You will be required to write and submit your Thank You Note prior to your scholarship award being disbursed to your DMACC student account.  You will be asked to submit the note directly through the scholarship award management system. Failure to submit your Thank You Note will result in forfeiture of your scholarship.

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