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Scholarships Help Launch Career at Fortune 500 Company

Emily Kainz
Emily Kainz

‚ÄčAt a low point in her life, Emily Kainz decided it was time to be proactive in changing the trajectory of her life and by extension, her family's life. Her first step was to enroll in Business Administration classes at DMACC's Urban Campus.

"It was a rough time," Emily says, looking back. "I didn't have an education and it was preventing me from finding a job I was truly passionate about and that would allow me to better support my family."

She says that the support of DMACC Foundation scholarships was vital to her finding success.

"The DMACC Foundation scholarship was key for me," Emily says. "It allowed me to cover my expenses for school and even some of my child care when I needed it."

But that's not all.

"When I received the scholarship, it was a huge confidence boost," Emily continues. "It inspired me to reach a little bit further and to think more long term about what was possible."

Emily graduated from DMACC in the winter of 2015 and ultimately earned a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration. Today she works for a Fortune 500 company in Des Moines.

"Not having an education was preventing me from finding a career I was passionate about," she says. "Going back to college at age 35 can be tough, but everyone at Urban Campus was so supportive. It was the right move for me and my family."