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A Love for Learning ... and for Urban Campus

Terriance Foster   
Terriance Foster

Terriance Foster didn’t need to look around much for a college. In pursuing higher education, he was confident he would find a good fit at DMACC Urban Campus in Des Moines.

With his first semester nearly complete, he couldn’t be happier with his decision.

“I chose Urban Campus because of how diverse it is and because of all the love and support I get,” the graduate of Des Moines North High School says. “There are so many resources that offer any kind of help you could need. There is always someone to lean on. That is a good feeling.”

Terriance has earned a DMACC Foundation scholarship, enabling him to focus on his ambitious goal. He plans to earn his AA at Urban Campus, a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at Grand View University, and then return to DMACC to pursue his true passion … culinary arts.

“I know that I’m business oriented and that I don’t want to work for someone the rest of my life,” he says. “I want to take off and own my own business in the food industry. I want to start from home to gain experience then move up to a food truck and on to a restaurant. I just want to show people what I can do in the kitchen.”

He says his experience at Urban Campus has done nothing to diminish his big dreams.

“At first I was worried there weren’t going to be people I could relate to on campus,” Terriance says. ”But that isn’t the case at all. I have learned that Urban Campus is like a big family and I feel so supported. I love it here.”


Sharing Her Knowledge a World Away


Noor Ferdousy

A native of Bangladesh, Noor Ferdousy knows well the importance of fresh water and effective wastewater treatment programs. In rural areas of her native country, it can be rare to find either, which has a serious impact on quality of life for residents.

Noor and her husband recently moved to the United States with their three children, after her husband was hired by John Deere in Ankeny. After getting settled, Noor began to explore colleges in the area to continue her schooling. When she learned of the Wastewater Treatment and Collection System Technology diploma program on the DMACC Ankeny Campus, she applied for admission.

“I know from my experience that there are so many people out there who do not have access to clean water," Noor says. “I feel like we need a solution to address that problem."

Now more than a year into her studies, she says balancing her family, being new to the United States and school has been difficult, but worth it. Noor adds the DMACC Foundation Scholarship she received has been helpful and that there are a number of services on campus that make her feel supported.

“The biggest issue for me is having three children," Noor says. “They have daycare here onsite and I can drop the kids off there, even for an hour, and focus totally on my studies. It is very helpful."

As Noor closes in on her diploma, she is already reaching out to share what she has learned.

“I'm gaining the skill and experience to help others learn," Noor says. “We need this type of knowledge to ensure that faucets are flowing. I am regularly communicating with my family and community back home to share my experiences."

“I want to keep learning," Noor continues. “I want to build solutions to address problems specifically impacting the community I grew up in."


Future Forensic Scientist Finds What She's Looking for on Ankeny Campus


Ella Coffman

In looking into colleges, it was important to Ella Coffman that she found a school she could attend without taking on a ton of debt. She found everything she was looking for—and more—on DMACC's Ankeny campus.

“My dad is a farmer and my mom has passed away," says Ella, who attended high school at English Valleys in North English. “I have an older brother and a younger brother, so if I was going to go to college, I needed to find a school where I could make it all work without breaking the bank."

Ella began studying Criminal Justice and has since switched to Psychology. She says the Ankeny Campus is perfect for her in every way.

“I graduated from a small high school and grew up with the same around 45 people," Ella says. “DMACC appealed to me because it was relatively small, but bigger than I was used to. It also wasn't a school that many people in Southeast Iowa go to. It allowed me the opportunity to meet some new people."

At DMACC, Ella has benefitted from a DMACC Foundation scholarship. She says the support has helped her to focus on her studies. When she completes her coursework at DMACC, her plan is to transfer to St. Ambrose University in Davenport.

“I want to work in forensic psychology because I'm very interested by the 'why' that motivates people to do things," she says. “My goal is to be a profiler at the FBI or to work in another federal agency."