Taking Courses Not Required for Your Current DMACC Program

Federal regulations outline that a student may only receive financial aid funds for courses that count towards their current DMACC degree/certificate. To comply with this regulation, DMACC must track the courses that a student is registered for and ensure that they count towards their current DMACC degree, diploma, or certificate program.

Frequently Asked Questions


Under current policy, DMACC does not allow a student to be admitted to multiple DMACC programs at once. If DMACC admits a student to multiple programs and each of the degrees/diplomas/certificates are eligible programs, a student will receive financial aid based on the coursework which applies to either programs.

​A student may receive financial aid for up to a total of 30 remedial or developmental credits assuming he or she is admitted as a regular degree, diploma, or certificate seeking student in an eligible DMACC program.

​Students registered in pre-program at DMACC are actually admitted into the Associate in General Studies degree. If a student is taking coursework required for the Associate in General Studies, he or she may receive financial aid. 

​Once a student has completed a degree/diploma/certificate, they will not be eligible for financial aid unless they are pursuing a new program at DMACC. If they are pursuing a new program and the coursework they are enrolled in applies to the new program at DMACC, they may still be financial aid eligible.

​Prior degrees must be evaluated to determine what coursework a student has completed as it relates to their current program of study at DMACC. If coursework from a prior degree can be transferred in, it may reduce the number of required courses needed at DMACC and may impact a student’s financial eligibility. If a student has already completed the same or similar degree as the one they are current admitted to at DMACC, they may not be eligible for any financial aid.

​The DMACC Financial Aid Department or Academic Advisor may notify financial aid students if there are any courses not applicable towards their program which results in a change of their financial aid eligibility. Students should meet with their Academic Advisors to review their program and current courses. Additionally, students may use Degree Works at any time to review their courses and how they apply to their current DMACC program of study.

Financial aid is based on a student’s current DMACC program. If coursework does not directly apply towards a student’s current DMACC program, financial aid will not be available for that coursework.

Financial Aid can only be based on the coursework applicable toward the student’s current DMACC program. It is very possible that student could be taking both required and non-required courses for their current DMACC program. In this case, a student’s financial aid eligibility will only be based on their required coursework.

No. DMACC will not automatically withdrawal students from coursework not applicable towards their current DMACC program.  If a student is taking coursework that is not needed, they are responsible to withdrawal or cover any unpaid charges.

No. Under federal regulations, financial aid is only allowed to pay for coursework applicable to a student’s current program of study at DMACC.

​If you feel an error has been made, you should contact Academic Advising to review your courses and current DMACC program of study. If no error has been made and you are simply enrolled for coursework not applicable towards your current DMACC program, your financial aid eligibility will only be based on your required coursework.

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