Iowa Last-Dollar Scholarship

New requirement for 2024-2025
Students must have a Student Aid Index (SAI) amount at or below $20,000. Students who received a Last-Dollar Scholarship in 2023-2024 may continue to receive the scholarship, if their SAI is over $20,000 and they meet all other eligibility requirements.

The Iowa Last-Dollar Scholarship covers tuition for many high-demand career and technical areas.

The Iowa Last-Dollar Scholarship covers any tuition gaps not covered by other federal and state grants/scholarships for eligible Iowa residents enrolled in targeted, high-demand career and technical programs at DMACC. This first-of-its-kind financial assistance program offers an affordable pathway into many exciting and growing careers. Iowa employers are hiring graduates with these skills.

To be eligible for this program you must meet the qualifications below AND file your FAFSA as soon as possible. Make sure to include DMACC's School Code 004​​589.

July 15​, 2024 is the​ FAFSA priority deadline for the 2024-2025 academic year. If funding is not sufficient to award all eligible students, Iowa College Aid will prioritize students based on returning Last-Dollar Scholarship students and then by​ FAFSA application receipt date.​

If you qualify, you will be notified by the DMACC Financial Aid Office via a Financial Aid Offer sent to your DMACC email address. ​

Who is Eligible?

The Last-Dollar Scholarship is available to:

  • Students who recently completed an Iowa high school diploma, a homeschool program, or high school equivalency diploma, OR students (age 20 and older)
  • Enroll at least part-time in an eligible program of study
  • Apply for all other available state and federal grants and scholarships
  • Meet ongoing requirements
  • Have a Student Aid Index (SAI) at or below $20,000

Ongoing Eligibility Requirements

If you have already been awarded a Last-Dollar Scholarship, you must meet the following criteria to remain eligible:

  • Remain an Iowa resident
  • Attend a college orientation session
  • Register for courses with the assistance of an advisor
  • Participate in available academic advising sessions
  • Participate in available career advising if required by your program of study
  • Continuously receive a Last-Dollar Scholarship disbursement in each semester/term (summer semester/term is not required)
  • Meet Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) as defined by DMACC
  • Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) annually
  • Remain continuously enrolled in at least 6 hours per semester/term (summer semester/term is not required)
  • For 2024-2025 award year, students in receipt of the Last-Dollar Scholarship award during the 2023-2024 academic year may receive the LDS award in 2024-2025 even if their SAI is above $20,000. All other eligibility requirements must also be successfully completed.

Eligible programs

2024-2025​​​​ DMACC Degrees, Diplomas and Certificates to qualify for Iowa Last ​Dollar Scholarships.​​

New programs beginning Fall 2024

  • Accounting & Bookkeeping, AAS
  • Business Administration, AAS
  • Fire Protection Technology, Certificate
  • Fire Science Technology, AAS
  • Industrial Technician, Diploma
  • Insurance Services, Certificate
  • Paramedic Specialist, AAS
  • Paramedic Specialist, Certificate

  • Accounting Payroll, Certificate
  • Accounting Specialist, AAS
  • Advanced Manufacturing Technology, AAS
  • Architectural Technologies, AAS
  • Architectural Technologies, Diploma
  • ASEP-General Motors, AAS
  • ASSET-Ford, AAS
  • Auto Chassis & Power Train, Diploma
  • Auto Collision Technology, AAS
  • Auto Collision Technology, Diploma
  • Auto Engines & Tune-Up, Diploma
  • Automotive Maintenance & Light Repair Technology, Diploma
  • Automotive Mechanics Technology, AAS
  • Automotive Minor Repair and Vehicle Maintenance, Certificate
  • Baking Diploma
  • Building Trades, Diploma
  • Business Administration, AAS
  • C# Application Developer, Certificate
  • C++ Application Developer, Certificate
  • CAP-Chrysler, AAS
  • CNC Operator/Programmer, Certificate
  • Computer Information Systems, AAS
  • Computer Languages, Diploma
  • Computer-Aided Design Technology, AAS
  • Computer-Aided Design Technology, Diploma
  • Construction Management, AAS
  • Crime Scene Investigation, Certificate
  • Criminal Justice, AAS
  • Criminal Justice, Emergency Management, Certificate
  • Culinary Arts, AAS
  • Culinary Arts, Diploma
  • Cybersecurity, AAS
  • Cybersecurity, Certificate
  • Cybersecurity, Diploma
  • Data Science, Certificate
  • Dental Assistant, Diploma
  • Dental Hygiene, AAS
  • Diemaking, Diploma
  • Diesel Technology, AAS
  • Diesel Technology, Diploma
  • Digital Forensic Investigation, Certificate
  • E-Discovery, Certificate
  • Electric Utility Technology, Diploma
  • Electrical Trades, Diploma
  • Electronics Engineering Technology, AAS
  • Electronics Fundamentals, Diploma
  • Fire Science Technology, AAS
  • Fire Protection Technology, Certificate
  • Heating, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration Technology, AAS
  • Heating, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration Technology, Diploma
  • Honda PACT Auto Repair, AAS
  • Honda PACT Maintenance & Light Repair, Certificate
  • Industrial Technician, Diploma
  • Information Technology/Network Administration, AAS
  • Information Technology/Network Administration, Certificate
  • Insurance Services, Certificate
  • Java Application Developer, Certificate
  • Machinist Technology, Diploma
  • Medical Assistant, Diploma
  • Medical Billing and Coding, Diploma
  • Medical Laboratory Technology, AAS
  • Medical Office Specialist, AAS
  • Network Technology-Telecommunications, Certificate
  • Network Technology-Telecommunications/Data Communications, AAS
  • Nursing, AAS
  • Nursing-Practical, Diploma
  • Paralegal, AAS
  • Paralegal, Certificate
  • Paramedic Specialist, AAS
  • Paramedic Specialist, Certificate
  • Patient Access Specialist, Certificate
  • Python Application Developer, Certificate
  • Renewable Energy Technology, AAS
  • Respiratory Therapy, AAS
  • Robotics & Control Systems Engineering Technology, AAS
  • SQL Application Developer, Certificate
  • Surgical Technology, AAS
  • Tool & Diemaking, AAS
  • Web Developer Diploma
  • Web Developer, Certificate
  • Web Development, AAS
  • Welding, Diploma

Please note: Pre-Programs are not eligible for the Iowa Last Dollar Scholarship.

For more information

Please visit the Future Ready Iowa website.

Note: This is a first-come, first-served scholarship and will end when the allocated State funds have been exhausted.