Verification Process

​The federal verification process is like an audit of the information you provided on your FAFSA.  It requires that you complete additional forms and/or provide additional documentation before DMACC can offer you financial aid. Verification is the confirmation through documentation that the information provided on your FAFSA is correct.

If a student's file is selected for verification when applying for federal aid, DMACC’s Financial Aid Office is required to verify the data on your application.  It’s the law.  Our office complies with this request by requesting proof and clarification of specific information supplied by the student and the parent on the FAFSA.

The verification process ensures that students receive all the financial aid they are entitled to, and also prevents ineligible students from receiving financial aid.

How will I know if I am selected for verification?

You may be selected for verification either by the Department of Education or by DMACC’s Financial Aid Office. If you are selected for verification, DMACC will notify you by outlining the verification “requirements” you must complete on the Web Info System.  The Web Info System is accessible via myDMACC.

Why was I selected for verification?

Most FAFSA's that are selected for verification are chosen randomly. However, if you make changes to your FAFSA information, you may be selected for verification even if you were not selected on your initial application.

I have been selected for verification. What do I need to do?

  1. Complete all forms and documents outlined for you on the Web Info System (accessible through myDMACC).  Fill out all forms in a timely manner to avoid any processing delays.    
  2. If you need to submit tax information, please see the instructions for requesting a tax transcript. If you are not able to use the Data Retrieval Tool for importing your taxes into the FAFSA, then a copy of the student's or parents tax return transcript from the IRS will be accepted.    
  3. Continue to check your DMACC email often.  We will email you if we need any additional documentation to complete the verification process or when your financial aid award offer is ready to be viewed (and awards accepted). 

Please be sure to respond to all requests for documentation to avoid delays in processing and applying your financial aid to your student account.  Until the missing items are submitted, the processing of your financial aid is not possible.  Your charges will not be paid by financial aid and you will not receive a refund of excess financial aid until all missing items are submitted and your file has been processed. 

If I am selected for verification, am I required to send documentation?

In order to receive state or federal funding, you must complete the verification process.  If verification documents are not completed then your financial aid will not be processed.


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