Completing Financial Aid Requirements

​​​​​​​​1. Go to the DMACC website ( Click on myDMACC.

Screen 1 - myDMACC login. Log in with DMACC username and Password 

2. After you have signed in to myDMACC, click on the Student tab​.

Screen 2 - Select Student Tab 

3. Click on Financial Aid Dashboard.

Screen 3 - Select Financial Aid from the main menu. ​

4. After reaching the Home page, select the appropriate Aid Year from the drop down menu.

Screen 4 - arrow pointing to View Financial Aid Requirements. Select "View Financial Aid Requirements" 

5. If you have the Additional Documentation requirement, you will have to complete the following steps:

Screen 5  Select Aid Year.  Arrow pointing to Select Aid Year. Click on dropdown box to select year and click "Submit". 

6. Click on the link in the Additional Documentation requirement and sign in using your DMACC e-mail address (including the "") and your password.​​​

Student Requirement Tab selected. 

If this is the first time you've accessed this page, you will be asked to confirm your name, date of birth and social security number. These items must match what you reported on your FAFSA.

7. Click on the tile that needs action

Screen 7 - Choose I agree 

​8. Click the arrow to expand the task. Click the Fill Out button to complete the form.

Screen 8 - Click the arrow to expand the requirememnt

9. When you have completed all tasks and submitted all requested documents​, click the Blue Submit button.

Screen 9 - When you have completed the requirement or task, click the blue submit button

10. After all tasks have been completed, click the blue Finish button.

Screen 10 - After all tasks have been completed, click the blue finish button 


Verification​​ is the process of reviewing a student’s FAFSA for accuracy. If you are selected for verification, you will be asked to provide additional information.  The Financial Aid Office will help you through this process by identifying what forms you need to complete, or what documents you need to provide.  You will be notified on your DMACC email and be asked to login to the online document porta​l to view requirements if you are selected for verification.

IRS Tax Information

The IRS Data Retrieval Tool (IRS DRT) is available to use to import your tax information from the IRS into your FAFSA. The IRS DRT remains the fastest, most accurate way to input your tax return information into the FAFSA form. You can access the IRS DRT from your FAFSA.

If you are not able to use the IRS DRT you can provide a signed copy of your federal 1040 and supporting tax schedules.  Or you can request a Tax Return Transcript free of charge from the IRS in one of four ways.​