Office Hours/Contacts

Main Financial Aid Office Location
Ankeny Campus, Building 1

Mailing Address
Des Moines Area Community College
Attention: Financial Aid Office, Building 1
2006 South Ankeny Boulevard
Ankeny, IA 50023-8995

Important Phone Numbers
1-800-362-2127 (option 3)
515-965-7124 (Fax)

Hours of Operation
Weekdays 7:30 am - 4:30 pm
Summer Hours: Weekdays 7:30 am - 4 pm

General Email

Other Campuses
General information is available at Urban, West, Newton, Boone, & Carroll campuses in the Student Services Office. For further information, call 515-964-6282 or 1-800-362-2127 (option 3).

Ean N. Freels
District Director
Oversees Financial Aid Department, Scholarships, Veterans Services

Ben Rikkels
Return of Title IV, Non-Attending and Quit-Attending Procedures, Satisfactory Academic Progress, Graduation Plans, Developmental Course Approval, Refund Report

Barb Badger
Special Consideration Forms, Independent Appeal Forms, Pell Grant Reporting, Iowa Grant, Satisfactory Academic Progress, Consortium Agreements, Refund Report, Study Abroad, TRIO Grant

Don Enright
Coordinator of Veteran Programs
District-wide Coordinator for Veterans Affairs


Barb Wagner
Administrative Assistant 2
Assists Director, Specialists, Advisors, Coordinator, Timekeeper, Correspondence and Document Imaging

Phyllis Bailey
Financial Aid Specialist
Front Counter Specialist, Verification, Financial Aid Generalist and Loan Processing

Patricia Berndt
Financial Aid Specialist
Verification, Satisfactory Academic Progress, Iowa Vocational Technical Grant, Kibbe Grant and Direct Loan Processing and Financial Aid Generalist

Natalie Coulson-Larmore
Financial Aid Specialist
Student Aid Reports (FAFSA electronic versions), FAFSA Corrections, Verification, Cancellation and Default Notifications, Verification Processing, Financial Aid Generalist

Doreen Jamison
Financial Aid Specialist
Work Study, Verification Processing, Citizenship, Selective Service, Kibbe, and Financial Aid Generalist

Lynnae McNamee-Charles
Financial Aid Specialist
Verification, Satisfactory Academic Progress, Iowa Vocational Technical Grant, Kibbe Grant, Direct Loan Processing

Chad Peters
Financial Aid Specialist
Alternative Loan Processing, Exit Counseling, Direct Loan Processing, Financial Aid Generalist, Transfer Monitoring and Financial Aid Generalist

Sue Rardin
Financial Aid Specialist, Scholarships
DMACC Foundation scholarships, outside scholarships, Financial aid /Foundation Website, verification and Financial Aid Generalist

Nancy Wille
Financial Aid Specialist
Direct Loan Processing, Direct Loan Reconciliation and Reporting Origination, Change Records (electronically). Manifest and 30-Day, Warning Reports, and  Financial Aid Generalist