Accepting Your Financial Aid Award

Log in to myDMACC and click on the Web Info System Button

Screen 1 

After logging in to Web Info System and selecting the Financial Aid option, select" Awards, Account Summary, Loan Summary" at the following screen.

Screen 2 

Next, select Award by Aid Year at this screen:

Screen 3 

Select Aid Year from the drop menu on this screen:

Screen 4 

Click the Terms and Conditions tab:

Screen 5 

Accept Terms and Conditions:

Screen 6 

Next, select the Accept Award Offer tab at the following screen:

Screen 7 

You will then see a screen like the following where you can accept or decline loans and/or work study by clicking in the box that shows as "Undecided" and choosing accept or decline. You can also accept less than the amount shown by typing in an amount in the Partial Amount box next to the Accept/Decline box.

Screen 8 

Resources/Additional Information

Screen 9 

Requesting Additional Federal Loan Funds (Screen 9)

Under this tab, you will be directed to complete the Federal Loan Change form in order to obtain an additional amount of a Federal Unsubsidized Direct Student Loan. The 2017-2018 online fillable forms may be accessed on the Financial Aid Forms page.

The borrower is responsible for all interest charges, fixed at 4.45%. You can pay the interest quarterly while you are in school or you can opt to defer the interest. If you defer the interest, it will be added to the principal balance of your loan when your loan enters repayment. Interest rates may be updated after July 1, 2018‚Äč.

  • Student must be enrolled in an eligible program and registered at least half-time to receive Federal Direct Student Loans (Minimum of 6 credits for Fall & Spring; 4 credits for Summer).
  • All first-time borrowers must complete Entrance Counseling and sign a Master Promissory Note (MPN).

Freshman status: students who have completed fewer than 32 credits required for an Associate degree program or students enrolled in a certificate or diploma program.

Sophomore status: students who have completed 32 credits or more required for an Associate degree program.

You are considered a dependent student if you were required to submit your parent(s) income information on your FAFSA application.

The additional Federal Unsubsidized loan amounts you may be eligible to borrow (based on your enrollment status) are listed on the Federal Loan Change form.


The Financial Aid Office reserves the right to reduce your requested loan amount based upon your academic standing, prior default status, grade point average, all online classes, total sum borrowed, and program of study. (Other factors may be reviewed.)