Accepting Your Financial Aid Award

Go to the DMACC website ( Click on myDMACC.

Screen shot of step 1 

​After you have signed into myDMACC, click on the Student tab.  

Screen shot of step 2 

Click on Financial Aid Dashboard

Screen shot of step 3 

After reaching the Home page, select the appropriate Aid Year from the drop down menu.

Screen shot of step 4 

Click on the Award Offer tab.

Screen shot of step 5 

​Scroll down to the Options to Pay section and choose to Accept or Decline the College Work Study and/or Student Loans. If you Decline an award, it will be removed from your financial aid offer. If you leave it as Offered, it will be available if you decide to Accept it in the future. Click Submit when you have made your decision.

Screen shot of step 6 

If you wish to change your loan amount(s), click Modify to accept a partial amount. A window will pop up for you to modify the loan amount. Click OK when you have made your changes.

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Important Information to Consider

The borrower is responsible for all interest charges, fixed at 5.50​​%. You can pay the interest quarterly while you are in school or you can opt to defer the interest. If you defer the interest, it will be added to the principal balance of your loan when your loan enters repayment. Interest rates may be updated after July 1, 2023. Student must be enrolled in an eligible program and registered at least half-time to receive Federal Direct Student Loans (Minimum of 6 credits for Fall & Spring; 4 credits for Summer).

All first-time borrowers must complete Entrance Counseling and sign a Master Promissory Note (MPN) at Freshman status: students who have completed fewer than 32 credits required for an Associate degree program​ or students enrolled in a certificate or diploma program. Sophomore status: students who have completed 32 credits or more required for an Associate degree program. You are considered a dependent student if you were required to submit your parents’ income information on your FAFSA application. ​