Upcoming Events

​​ Speak Easy Series

These classes will be via Zoom

This suite of workshops will help enable participants at all levels of all types of organizations to communicate clearly and confidently, whether conflict is involved, in person or online.

Part A—Speak Easy: Conflict Communication            May 18, 2021

Part B—Speak Easy: Clear and Confident Communication            June 1, 2021

Part C—Speak Easy: Virtual Communications​           June 15​, 2021​

DMACC DiSC (c) Series​

These classes will be held in-person following CDC guidelines for in-person classes

DiSC® (DOMINANCE, INFLUENCE, STEADINESS, CONSCIENTIOUSNESS) is a recognized personal assessment tool to improve communication, teamwork and leadership skills. The DMACC DiSC® Series expands beyond assessment results and digs deeper into how your style impacts your workplace environment and business results.    

   EVERYTHING DiSC® WORKPLACE     September 22, 2021              8:00am-12:00pm​

   EVERYTHING DiSC® PRODUCTIVE CONFLICT     September 29, 2021              8:00am-12:00pm​

   FIVE BEHAVIORS PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT     October 6, 2021              8:00am-12:00pm​

Raise Your Game: Financial Principles for Non-Financial Roles

These classes will be in-person with a 1-hour Zoom follow up

This suite of workshops will provide individual contributors, manager​ and leaders meaningful understanding and application of the universal principles of business, finance, decision making, and success. It’s designed specifically for professionals in non-financial roles who need to raise their business and financial game to meet the needs of all of their stakeholders.

   Part A — Financial Matters for the Non-Financial Professional: Score Keeping and Winning     
   September 14     7:30am-12:30pm  |  Zoom Follow-Up     September 16     8:30am-9:30am  

  ​ Part B— Reading, Analyzing, and Acting on Business Information: Playing the Game     
   September 22     7:30am-12:30pm   |  Zoom Follow-Up     September 24     4:00pm-5:00pm

   Part C — Budgeting and Payback Analysis: Game Plans and Strategies     
   September 29     7:30am-12:30pm​   |  Zoom Follow-Up     October 1     4:00pm-5:00pm​