Iowa Job Training Funds

DBR consultants work with you to determine your eligibility for the various funding options and guide you through the process. DBR training can be funded through:

Iowa New Jobs Training Program (260E) for businesses creating new jobs in Iowa.

Iowa Jobs Training Program (260F) for businesses improving the skills of existing employees in Iowa.

Workforce Training and Economic Development Program (WTED) for businesses of all sizes and stages of development to train employees from entry level to top management.

Funding programs provide business training assistance for:

  • Business operations
  • Marketing
  • Workplace skills
  • Technical skills
  • Supervisory skills
  • Quality improvement
  • Safety
  • Lean training programs

DBR consultants will help you design a training plan that:

  • Meets your needs
  • Maximizes skill development
  • Provides the highest return for your training investment

​Does Your Company Qualify?

If you have new or incumbent employees in need of additional training, you could be eligible to receive funds.

Company eligibility requirements include:

  • Must be located in Iowa
  • Must be engaged in interstate of intrastate commerce
  • Service-providing companies must have customers outside of Iowa
  • Cannot have significantly reduced workforce recently