Developing Leaders, Managers and Supervisors

DBR consultant have helped hundreds of business owners, managers and supervisors enhance their leadership and organizational skills to build stronger companies DBR consultants work with you and your organization’s leadership to assess needs, recommend appropriate solutions and design follow-up that turn knowledge and plans into action.

Common training curriculum include:

  • Creating and communicating business strategies
  • Effective change management
  • Coaching employees for success
  • Conflict management
  • Developing effective work teams
  • Motivating others
  • Instilling a culture of customer service
  • Strategies to improve employee performance
  • Problem-solving techniques
  • Team building
  • Personality assessments
  • Influential leadership tools
  • Effective communication
  • Managing performance problems
  • Custom solutions for specific challenge areas

Facilitators from DBR will train individuals through:

  • Interactive team learning approaches or activities
  • Coaching
  • On-the-job application
  • Practice specific skills
  • Individual action planning
  • Self-assessment