Financial Principles for Non-Financial Roles: Raise Your Game

This suite of workshops will provide individual contributors, managers, and leaders meaningful understanding and application of the universal principles of business, finance, decision making, and success.

It’s designed specifically for professionals in non-financial roles who need to raise their business and financial game to meet the needs of all of their stakeholders.

It is no longer enough to be good at part of the business. Leaders need to see the bigger picture and contribute to everyone’s success.

This is more than a finance program. Learners will see where costs are incurred and revenue is earned, and they’ll also learn how to deploy resources effectively toward organizational goals and objectives. The program emphasizes real-world application to decisions, decision making, and performance back on the job.

There are 3-parts to this suite, each consisting of two 3-hour live instruction segments. Each part stands on its own but together the learning is more powerful. 

Next Session

  • February 2023 – April 2023, 8:30 am – 12:00 pm
  • All classes will take place via Zoom and taught live
  • Trainer: Dan Topf, Senior VP MDI, Inc.

Each part can be taken individually for $500 a seat, or $1,500 for all three parts.

To register, email your business consultant or dbr​​​